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  1. Thank you for that tip. Pardon my ignorance but where do I find the user.cfg file. My purchase was through the Microsoft Store. Not sure if that helps. thanks again!
  2. CYOW would be incredible, this is so impressive. I'd pay for a CYOW in this quality you created :)
  3. No changes for me. The issue on the pictures are shared still show the same. 😞
  4. Wicked, yeah I'll wait. You are right, defaults are good enough for now.
  5. So not the stable build but the developing build? I'll have to check it out.
  6. Does anybody have any recommendations on an improved sound pack set for the FBW a320?
  7. People are reporting significant improvement in AA and sharpness in graphics. Here is to hoping!
  8. Hi All - I see in the patch notes as indicated below improves to TAA. Has someone seen any improvements to the AA after the upgrade specific to the issue we are all seeing> New temporal anti-aliasing (TAA) has been implemented
  9. More than jaggies I would describe it as flickering textures on very details things, like light poles, roofs with detailed patterns, etc. This only happens in the distance, and if you are close they are rendered perfectly crisp.
  10. This happens in all sceneries, payware nor not. Off course, default sceneries have significantly less details which results in this showing/happening less or being les impactful.
  11. I tried your suggestion and moved my settings back to what I had them at launch prior to testing out my 4K settings as previously indicated - Unchecked game optimization in Geforce Experience -Moved back to 2560x1440 - Set render scale to 100 Issue resumed. Issue improved when moved back to 4K and render scale to 70, though still present. Here are some pictures: https://imgur.com/a/DsfBpPc
  12. Are you saying that Nvidia GE is changing MSFS settings without them being reflected in the settings page? Meaning I will not know if my settings are being changed in the back end? I can't imagine this being the case but please share this feedback forward I assure you that the issue with AA is happening with all settings set to Ultra. Settings within the simulator are at the highest possible setting. When the game was first released the same settings did not show the AA issues we are describing. Your feedback on this concern being complain on all MSFS is completely irrelevant. I personally love everything about the simulator and truly appreciate everything done. But this is an issue that is prevalent and cannot be ignored. It doesn't deter me from using it but hopefully can be fixed. Again, running a 1080TI on 4k and lowering render scale to 60-70 improves it significantly. Running 2560x1440 with render scale in the 100-120 does not fix it - shimmering, etc is very prevalent. This wasn't an issue when the sim was first released.
  13. Yes - agree and fair assessment. Lets share our experiences post update tomorrow.
  14. I have had this same problem. I filed a ZenDesk ticket and all I got back is they were providing the feedback back - no fix. I think either people with beast systems are not having the issue or people who are are just ignoring it. I have a 1080ti and was able to significantly reduce the issue by moving to 4K an reducing the render scale to 60-70. This was the only way to reduce the issue and keep decent performance. I do want to stress the issue is still there. Hope this helps some people.
  15. I've updated to the most recent drivers and seeing the same issue. I've used DDU to remove my graphics drivers and reinstalled. No improvement. Any one has any other ideas or settings within the Nvidia control panel that I can work through?
  16. Hi All Pardon my ignorance, I'm struggling to solve this and it's probably a VERY easy fix. Anytime I fly in icing conditions with the A320 and CJ4 the aircraft ices up. Visible ice shows on the note/body of the aircraft. I turn on wing and engine anti-ice and it remains visible. Any ideas on what I am missing?
  17. Updating drivers did not resolve. I notice it's particularly bad on airport light poles. Any ideas all?
  18. I have this exact same issue. I have tried playing with graphic settings and nothing seems to make it go away. I see it, just like you in windows, or objects such as light towers with small lines/details. Hoping someone can have any suggestions on what to update/change?
  19. Hi All! Looking for some advice, settings wise as i have played around with a few things and i cannot figure it out. Certain parts of buildings are flickering within the sim. Seems to get better the closer i get any ideas on how to solve or what settings to play with? It mainly seems to show on airports with small details (fences, antennas, siding with lots of small details). I have settings set to ultra and my specs are: i7-7700 4.2ghz 16GB ram GTX1080ti Thanks in advance!!
  20. This looks awesome! Wondering if you will tackle the CN Tower. It looks blurry/melting with the photogramy. Nice job, though!
  21. No solution. I am unsure why my internet speeds completely degrade the moment the sim is launched and running. No sim running speed in the hundreds. Sim running speeds less that 25.
  22. I find that whenever i am not running MSFS my internet speeds jump back up to the mid 100s. This is even when it's in the main menu, my internet speeds die right down.
  23. 19.2 down 29.16 up. I pay for 360 so this may be the issue why I can't download.
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