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  1. Just tried some different ones and it was way better. Thanks so much for a fantastic tool and for your help!
  2. Oh alright, not sure actually. I'm happy to change though, is there any recommended that will work better with this pack or is it just trial and error kind of?
  3. Looks amazing! Great Work! I've got one issue though I can't seem to get around. My groundtextures turn very yellow which makes it not blend with lots of my addon airports. Is there any way to reset that value? I love the rest of the effects, just need to keep my groundtextures from going yellow. I've tried some different settings and reset the shaders and stuff, but as soon as I make any adjustment in the program that involves the terrain or HDR the groundt turns dark yellow or yellow-ish (depending on the season). Maybe I'm the only one having this issue?