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  1. Thanks for your help, guys! Now it works, but after FSL update, some things stopped working. Like the landing lights off command. Landing lights on works, but not landing lights off. Also the commands for the yellow electric pump, those either don't do anything or turn on the PTU. I will test further to see if it's not me the one messing the commands. Regards!
  2. Hello FS++! Thanks for the prompt reply, as I've seen from reading through the forum, you take good care of us customers. I'm on FSX and might do both FSX and P3D once the FSL A320 is out for P3D. I see what you're saying, I will try a couple of new callouts adding an "ok" to them, like "ok, starting engine one" and I found in the shared commands, the callouts to adjust the pitch trim. I will test those commands in the next few days, I'm also venturing into failures, since I noticed that MCE can handle most, if not all of the required actions for an engine failure and maybe even a dual hydraulic failure. I believe this A320 with MCE is a great tool for practicing SOPs for line checks and even a few failures. I remember when I was a hardcore simmer I always wanted to be as professional as I could. So I intend to share the script once it's done for the guys who want that too, but I don't know if I would require your permission or maybe sending it to you first so it can be published. It'll take a few days, maybe even a couple weeks though.
  3. Hello guys! I'm new to MCE and have been making my own scripts for the FSLabs A320 based on my airline and airbus SOPs, So far I've done everything down to engine start. First of all, thanks for creating such a powerful tool with such a broad range of options to configure our favorite aircraft! So far, MCE works perfect and is a joy, but I've noticed a few details while using it with FSL A320, wich I hope you can help me with: A very small one is that during the 'cockpit preparation' flow, once the crew gets to 'glareshield' the pilot monitoring is supposed to finish his scan on 'Instrument Panel' ---- IRS align. That's checked via the MCDU, DATA page, LSK1. The script I've done ends up with: right cdu press data right cdu press lsk one pause=2 notify=i r ss within limitations pause=2 right cdu press flight plan Except, I don't think the copilot recognizes the DATA page. I tested the others, FPLAN, DIR, RAD NAV, etc.. and it recognizes all of them except for DATA. In the after start flow, the PM adjusts the pitch trim. Is there a way to make it read the value from the MCDU and adjust it? I also tried making scripts for one engine taxi out, since MCE can handle most elements for it. My scripts are called "staring engine one" which is the standard call out made by the PF and "engine two start procedure". But when I say that, the copilot starts the engine. Same with engine 2. If I announce "starting engine two", the PM will start the engine and won't go through the script. Is there a way to turn off this behavior just for engine start? Since the PF starts the engine and the PM says "checked" Now, that made me test the FMA. when I announce an FMA mode change, for example, speed 220 blue, the copilot sets the speed to 220 instead of just answering "checked" and when I ask for "pull speed 220", he just pulls the knob, or if I ask "set speed 220" he'll change the speed but he'll announce something different rather than the standard callout "speed 220 set". I know the answers are random to make the software more dynamic, but is there a way I can change those callouts? If there's not and it's kind of a hassle, I'll be more than happy to write a list of standard callouts or help to make the script work. Again, thanks for a unique piece of software!! Regards.