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  1. mikecspike

    Need assistance with install

    Well, this is pretty painful to admit. Turns out I was copying and pasting ordercode where I should've been pasting orderID, and then not re-opening installer when trying again... Non-the-less, you guys did a great job in supporting the matter :smile: Now I guess I should be getting onto those trans-atlantic flights :wink: .
  2. mikecspike

    Need assistance with install

    Evening scandinavian13, I've tried that multiple times, however this error comes up (http://prntscr.com/a71iha). Also, I've tried to allow PMDG software through my firewall, however no such named software turns up in the Allow program through firewall list.
  3. mikecspike

    Need assistance with install

    Hi Jet. I'm able to download the product from my previous orders, however my order code seems to be invalid (I've already used it before).
  4. mikecspike

    Need assistance with install

    Ohh ok, so that would probably also explain why I can't buy a ticket. Hopefully previous buyers get a discount :wink:. Thanks for the info.
  5. Hi, so roughly a year ago I bought the base package and installed it, however when moving to a new pc I had to uninstall and attempt to re-install the 747-400. I tried but to no avail, as my orderID couldn't be used (probably because I've already used it). At the time I didn't buy one of those 're-order tickets' (they were about 3 euros). Fast forward about a year later to today, and the orderID still doesn't work (of course) however I can't find these re-order tickets. Also, PMDG seem to have gotten rid of the 747 product page, as a 404 comes up (damn). Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated :smile: