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  1. Ok. Question for the team who created the PMDG 747. Your 747-400 is currently offered with 3 different engine types: RR, GE & PW. Now, this should go without saying but, we all know that all three engines operate differently. Agreed? No two engines are the same. Each has different values in all respects. Now, I won't be mad, but I want to know from the PMDG 747-400 team: "Are the three different engine types (GE, PW & RR) actually PROPERLY simulated on the 747-400? I'm not talking about look, aesthetics, etc. I'm talking fuel consumption values, thrust, capacity, etc." Like I said, I won't be upset if the answer is no, I just want a completely honest answer. It's very difficult to properly flan a flight for the Queen if the values for the actual aircraft do not agree with the values you are trying to plan with. I'm not talking about just offering the liveries with various engine types (i.e. United comes with PW, Lufthansa comes with GE, etc.). I'm talking actual real proper values. I love flying the 747. One of the greatest aircraft mankind has ever created, I believe. I thank you for your extensive work on her and the beautiful product you have created. Thanks again. All the best!