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  1. robcarly

    Flap/slat Issue - Please Help.

    FIXED..... Just incase any one else has this issue, Advanced Animations needs to be checked. Not sure how it wasn't, maybe i missed it in the new FSX.cfg file when i set up my new card. Thanks for the help though Saimalper
  2. robcarly

    Flap/slat Issue - Please Help.

    yeah HIghMemFix was included so uninstalling and trying again for the third time....fingers crossed.
  3. robcarly

    Flap/slat Issue - Please Help.

    ok im sure thats in there will check if not i will do another install Thanks
  4. robcarly

    Flap/slat Issue - Please Help.

    Hi, Thanks for coming back to me on this, I have checked and everything other than Special Effect Detail was set, i changed that to High but still no joy. Any other ideas..?
  5. Hi PMDG Team, After buying a new Graphic card i decided to do a fresh install of FSX, All has been completed with the SP1 and 2. I installed the PMDG 747-400x and when i booted the sim to check all was ok (as i do for any addon) i noticed there seems to be an issues with my beloved Queen. As you can see in the below pictures the outboard slats dont extend only their hinges..? Also the outboard flaps and airlorons do not move also. So i uninstalled and tried again but with no joy. I have never had this issues before prior to changing my card and all my other addons worked and are working correctly, seems only the PMDG747x has this issues I hope the PMDG team can help me on this one..? Thank you.