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  1. Activation error

    Well I already have the NGX and its activated, but bought the 777, and what i dont like is when the tech guys always blame the user first, i know that in most cases it is the user to blame, but i really made sure to follow and read the instructions, and i did as i have done with the 737. Obviously there is something wrong with activation, but i hope it gets fixed soon Kind regards
  2. Activation error

    Ok so here it goes, on the official PMDG FB page on the comments you can clearly see that at least 5 of us have the same error, as its really unlikely that 5 pc-s can have the same error after the server maintanance, so please reconsider and explain to me how could 5 people make the same mistake? Or is it PMDG fault? Kind regards
  3. Activation error

    I own a download copy, not boxed, purchased on aerosoft, i only had two files in the zip, the exe and the readme i linked.. Anyway, tried another uninstall, restarted pc, installed, did the simconnect , and same result. The thing is it shows an error pointing to flexnet, i dont have any flexnet installed on my system, i suspect thats the key? Thnx
  4. Activation error

    I did run the DX twice as i reinstalled twice, cant seem to find anything in the readme regarding those files, and yes i am using FSX:SE, cant attach the readme so you could see there is nothing there about simmconnect. Then I wonder how come atleast 4 other people are having the same issue with activation? EDIT: uploaded my readme! http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=97121913166502426467 I m very sorry, as i really didnt mean to point any fingers, just asking because im a bit lost here.. The other thing that is confusing me is why when i enter a wrong serial i get the error that is saying i entered the wrong serial, if it were a fail on my side would it not be the same result whatever serial i use? Once again really sorry if i expressed myself in the wrong way! Kind regards Upon further investigation i belive the problem is that i dont have the flexnet at all, i did read it is operating and needs to be running so the 777 can be used.. Really cant figure this one out, as i did install as admin, FSX is not under protected areas, it has its own hard drive.. :/
  5. Activation error

    Well judging by the FB comments im not the only one having problems activating, so it must be a server based error! The only thing i cant seem to find are the simconnect files.. Kind regards
  6. Activation error

    Well i dont know to what it is related, but i tried reinstalling twice, always with administrator rights, did the DX install.. When i try to activate using something else as a key, like 1234567890 it responds with wrong key.. So i m guessing its not to do with local installation, rather something on their part.. About the simconnect files, cant seem to find them? Thnx
  7. Activation error

    Yeah, i already seen that, but its supposed to be online as of this morning..
  8. Activation error

    Yeah, did that already, just asked here maybe someone had a solution to the problem.. Thnx
  9. Activation error

    Hi guys, i bought the 777 from aerosoft yesterday, and due to the upgrades at pmdg i could not activate and fly the bird. This morning i tried to activate several times and all of that results with an error stating 777x activation: A fatal error has occured. See log for details. Incident #2550-95884. C:\program files\Flexnet\operations\custom\.x64_n6\webapps\flexnet\web-inf\classes\custom1dgenerator from module deployment.flexnet.ear.fexnet.war:main from service module loader Could not copy the error so i tried to rewrite , maybe did a few mistakes. I tried to find the specified folder but it does not exsist. Any help with this problem? With kind regards, Poznan Mihajlo