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  1. localiser

    RFP edit help - RMI

    Hello, I'm trying to replace the RFP 742 standard RMI with the RMI from the Dreamfleet 727. After editing the panel.cfg in notepad the RMI appears in the correct place and size on the (2D) panel, but the problem is that it isn't connected to the electrics in RFP and although the heading card turns while banking, the needles don't move and the flags are up. As an experiment I've tried to substitute the Level D 767 RMI into the 742 panel with the same result, the gauge appears nicely installed but isn't connected to electrics. I guess the electrics issue is due to the complexity of the respective panels. I have managed to install the default King Air RMI, which looks and works nicely (presumably a much simpler electrics situation as it's from a default panel) but the problem is that it's a combined VOR/ADF gauge which gives you ADF 1 with VOR 2, but no option to select VOR 1. Could any one kindly suggest how to connect, or fool the gauge into thinking it is connected, to electrics in order to get navaid reception? Thanks Dan