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  1. PeterToftDK

    P3D CTD when try saving flight

    Found out what the problem was. Some bad format liverys folder. Its all okay now! :D
  2. Hi there! :) I have a bit of a problem, when im trying to save my flight my P3D just ctd. I don't get any failcodes and my windows logbook (event viewer) dosen't say any "fails". Im running on P3D V3,3 and i my latest downloaded add one is the PMDG 747v3, but i happens on every flight, also default flights. In case my specs is: Intel I5 6402P Nivida GTX 970 16gb ram 225 gb SSD and 2 tb HHD (My p3d is installed on the hhd with all my addons and it has been installed there all the time). Hope to get some answers soon! :) Peter.
  3. Hi there! :) I installed the captain sim 777 and 737 yesterday and took all the files and placed them in the p3d folder. But when i open up p3d and select the 777 or 737 and press "OK (fly now)" it just crashes to desktop. I just think its strange cause i have done the same with the 757 and that works so fine. Any suggestions on why it keeps crashing? :) My P3D version is 3.3 Peter! :-)