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  1. eharvey650

    Missing Option In 747-400 Load Manager

    Kevin you were spot on. I changed the .air files to upper case and it worked. And to answer someone else's question about is this an issue for only FSX-SE. It appears so. I didn't have this problem until I switched to SE. Thanks again Kevin for the solution. Ernest
  2. eharvey650

    Missing Option In 747-400 Load Manager

    I would have both the load manager and fsx running.
  3. Can anyone tell me how to resolve the missing option in the 747-400 load manager. I use to have the option of sending my weights and fuel directly to fsx while the program was running. This option does not appear in the load manger anymore, even with fsx running. I only have the option to save to file. Do I need to uninstall pmdg and reinstall it? Ernest