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  1. FS Global, it's not one of the best and is very old but so far I haven't found any alternatives
  2. That's good to hear! Unfortunately as for landclass I haven't found anything and it's mostly just for small regions (oblasts) that aren't worth the effort as Russia is a huge country. There is global mesh though, and landclass is normally around the airports area so it's not too bad. Even if you're flying lower with turboprops such as An-24 you still have a lot to do on the flightdeck so you don't really bother looking at the ground hence it is ok. I doubt FS9 uses different textures for Russia than with Europe and China as they do look very much alike, but I might be wrong. You could say the same for the autogen so if you replace it with Russian houses it would ruin Europe as they're going to be placed there as well.
  3. Is there a main difference between FS9evo and the Russian orbx textures globally when it comes to separate continents/countries? As far as I've read some topics on both avsim.com and Russian avsim there is some blending problems /colour with the textures when flying over the Russian federation. Sorry if it's the wrong place to ask, I'm just curious about it
  4. I see this "speculation" about a plane that hasnt even been found yet reached 1000 posts? Thank you for imagination! I won't imagine anynthing, but this is strange! To be on the serious side, I don't think this plane will be found, ever. I will not blame anyone so I will just live on, so does the rest of us have to do.
  5. An-12, An-24, Tu-134, Tu-154, IL-62, IL-86, IL96 737 Classic, 737NG, 747, 757, 777, 717, MD80, MD90, A320 family (all version), A330, A340, DC3, F27, Avro RJ85, MD11, ERJ 170 and possibly planes that I have forgotten about since a kid. Flown: An2, Yak-40 (non commercial)
  6. Korean airliners were shot down, but it was dark and they looked like military ones. No doubt malaysian plane would be shot down if it flew over a country which has issues with US (if it was difficult to identify) it would be shot down. Israel however, are the worst, they shoot down planes which they know are civilian ones and clearly lost, and clearly identified. But this is not the case for this malaysian plane. If somebody shot it down, they would have reported it.
  7. Government intervention by Russia can also be safely ruled out. As surprisingly I have seen such theories on some threads.
  8. http://rt.com/news/australia-mh370-indian-ocean-973/
  9. I am sad that the civilian airliner got shot down, this is not acceptable but unfortunately the army had their reasons. It was an unknown airplane whom flew over a highly secretive air base, and it was clear that the plane was american built which could possibly have been an US military one. I am saddened by the loss of life, but unfortunately the plane strayed off it's course. Israel are doing exactly the same thing, shooting down planes that could possibly be civilian, and even worse, up to this day! Adding to that, there has been another Korean airliner shot down in Russia. But fortunately they survived.
  10. Terrorists have their reasons. A lot of governments are the real ones. They will exist and continue to do so even if flight simulator is banned. Hijackings are older than computers. There is no worries, our hobby will not be banned!
  11. New school of thought! 1. Flight MH370 is new, with latest tech. from US. 2. Made in US plane. 3. Made in US internal circuitry and programs. 4. US taking the lead in the search mission. 5. News all over US & corporate media. 6. US making the most frequent theories on the loss. 7. US pressing hard on Malaysia and other related countries to give access to their secured military defense system to help analyse the loss. What if this New US Plane can be remotely controlled using the US Military satellites? So much indicates, this is a secret mission originating from the US. The reason for this, is yet to be known. US has captured the aircraft and a large number of Chinese citizens. China may suspect this but will be unable to prove it. What a typically sly US method of provoking China. The poor passengers will surely be dead now to hide the evidence.
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