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  1. Lot's of questions and comments being deleted over there... Even some really good ones, I never imagined it would be from a small developer this sort of customer acting.
  2. I don't like commercial companies telling me what's legal or not either as the law depends on where you live, and here consumers have a lot more right than in some more right wing countries. The comment by Stanislaw was very unprofessional and seems to care about some EULA more than an user willing to fix the issues with the afcad for free, which I do not really understand. Perhaps there was a missunderstanding, who knows. When it comes to real life (personally), when I meet poles (as a pro-Rusisan from Belarus) we usually get into large arguments, so it could be something regional towards Russians why this scenery is not the quality as the Polish ones, who knows? But fortunately this is not the reason for lower quality... Complaining won't create more FS9 sceneries, but releasing it as bugs and OOMs is something too.
  3. It's some strange UK english I guess, I don't recognize either. But I know it wasn't a very nice comment... Just don't care about it. That's something I never expected would have to do with a payware scenery (freeware it's tolerable).
  4. I don't like the UUEE either but the only other choice I have is the freeware. Frames are terrible hence I had to lower down some options which was really not nice, and the taxiways have very jagged edges despite I have good antialiasing settings set. The Mdesign Domodedovo was better for me and it's possible I might have to switch base to Domodedovo instead. If I were him I wouldn't try to model New York... All of it? That's just a recipe for disaster. Obviously it was going to be a mess. And UUEE being a big airport it needs more patience and experience to be made. He was good making polish airports, it was very polished and well made hence I was very happy to hear that UUEE was being made (obviously with less details as it's a bigger airport to save frames). It has been mentioned he will shortly have a kid, perhaps that might have something to do with the rushed release, however, I will not go in details about someones personal life. Only that if I had a kid, I would not have time anymore for FS until 5 years later. I'm sure (and hope) there will be a patch as in this small market reputation is very important.
  5. Hard on frames indeed... I don't know what caused it. Even FSX version isn't the usual quality but maybe it makes sence as Sheremetyevo is more closed off to visitors taking photographs than those other airports in smaller and possibly more friendly airport mangement. Not sure how they got permission in the first place or maybe never did, or with help of native Russians. However, I'm still happy that UUEE was done. It's my hub for flight operations and obviously better quality than the freeware (even though the freeware is good and better for people with older machines).
  6. You can deactivate static airplanes in options. Those older planes in the field will stay I believe, as they're not considered "traffic". It's just a few unfortunate planes which likely won't see service again... Unfortunately such sight is normal in many airports in the east.
  7. Kazakhstan is nothing like depicted in Borat. That movie was nothing more but an insult to the country and in fact Kazakhstan is a very modern country, more so than many countries in Eastern Europe and Asia. edetriot, I suppose panels still not available? Some developers of the Il-76 on the Russian forum were puzzled about these panels along with the night lighting.
  8. Remote place? It's the capital of Azerbaijan...
  9. Isn't the New York airports very high on frames? Reason I avoid american airspace is not because of politics but due their airports are more demanding and would bring my laptop to it's knees. Nevertheless, I bought a few Drzewiecki sceneries and not hard on frames at all (for FS9 that is).
  10. Baku? Never knew there was payware demand for such airport. However it's a much more interesting and better decision than to remodel boring KJFKs and EGLLs all over and over again.
  11. Take on helicopters (simulator) does have a Hind addon where you do missions in it. However I do not know if that one is worth it...
  12. What DCS really needs, is a Mi-24. It's extremely hard to code such a plane due it's a 2 crew heli, but such a legend cannot be forgotten!
  13. FS Global, it's not one of the best and is very old but so far I haven't found any alternatives
  14. That's good to hear! Unfortunately as for landclass I haven't found anything and it's mostly just for small regions (oblasts) that aren't worth the effort as Russia is a huge country. There is global mesh though, and landclass is normally around the airports area so it's not too bad. Even if you're flying lower with turboprops such as An-24 you still have a lot to do on the flightdeck so you don't really bother looking at the ground hence it is ok. I doubt FS9 uses different textures for Russia than with Europe and China as they do look very much alike, but I might be wrong. You could say the same for the autogen so if you replace it with Russian houses it would ruin Europe as they're going to be placed there as well.
  15. Is there a main difference between FS9evo and the Russian orbx textures globally when it comes to separate continents/countries? As far as I've read some topics on both avsim.com and Russian avsim there is some blending problems /colour with the textures when flying over the Russian federation. Sorry if it's the wrong place to ask, I'm just curious about it
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