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  1. The manual work will be started finally this week (hopefully start from Monday) and should go smooth since a friend of mine joined, whether his reason is politics, improval of english, or just really wants to help I don't know. But date is aiming within 2 weeks to a month, maximum 2 but I hope it will go faster. However since I'm not aiming to only make a short wordpad but a full tutorial it might take a time. There is talks on after release of document, extending the manual to spanish language although this is mostly talk and not a plan. Real flight manuals (РЛЭ) of Tu-134 is in Russian, and I know it exist in german. But the links for german unfortunately fell down due to a hacker attack. Translation of the whole РЛЭ unfortunately is not easy to do.
  2. If there is still any interest a manual for the Tu-134 is upcoming, in written, not videos yet. Will consist of the introduction, load/fuel manager usage, with an example flight procedures such as preflight, taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, approach, landing and shutdown using NAS-1 navigation, as well as some other information crucial to flight, along with RSBN navigation description and FAQ. Also will have the necessary speedtables, weight, fuel calculation tables necessary to make the right calculations. In fact, you can calculate fuel for Tu-134 more accurately manually! After that, videos will be possible, as a last attempt of preventing the english speaking flight simmers from being dropped completely from Russian aviation as there's not a lot of people left interested in doing work in english due to lack of interest and other sanctions. Won't be visiting these forums often anymore as they are very unfriendly with ridicolous suspensions that don't make any sence, if you need to get in touch with me quicker do so via "Tushka154" at www.protu-154.org, or Ilyushin62m at www.avsim.su . Also email is "hagmanc (at) bk (dot) ru", figure it out yourself ))
  3. Beautiful, if drunk you would think it's real! When this laptop fails and it's time to get a more powerful one... X-plane 10 will be the new sim for half flights!
  4. Must have taken a lot of skill to learn! I myself attempted to do such landing on FS9 with a trijet airliner with failed hydraulics, however on X-Plane maybe things will go a bit differently,
  5. Lot's of questions and comments being deleted over there... Even some really good ones, I never imagined it would be from a small developer this sort of customer acting.
  6. I don't like commercial companies telling me what's legal or not either as the law depends on where you live, and here consumers have a lot more right than in some more right wing countries. The comment by Stanislaw was very unprofessional and seems to care about some EULA more than an user willing to fix the issues with the afcad for free, which I do not really understand. Perhaps there was a missunderstanding, who knows. When it comes to real life (personally), when I meet poles (as a pro-Rusisan from Belarus) we usually get into large arguments, so it could be something regional towards Russians why this scenery is not the quality as the Polish ones, who knows? But fortunately this is not the reason for lower quality... Complaining won't create more FS9 sceneries, but releasing it as bugs and OOMs is something too.
  7. It's some strange UK english I guess, I don't recognize either. But I know it wasn't a very nice comment... Just don't care about it. That's something I never expected would have to do with a payware scenery (freeware it's tolerable).
  8. Out of curiosity, does the smartcopilot and KLN90 GPS support X-Plane 9.70? I love X-Plane 10 except for the fact it's clouds are a fps rat! Everything else, is perfect. I want to use An-24RV with X-Plane 9 also flying with crew of 2-3. But maybe it won't connect with users running XP10.30?
  9. The problem you have there is definitely your GPU, It's extremely weak and could barely handle FS9 with complex addons at a reasonable rate. What you have to do is upgrade it to a better one, with preferably at least 1 GB of vram... You can do it as long as your mashina is not a laptop. How old is it, by the way?
  10. I don't like the UUEE either but the only other choice I have is the freeware. Frames are terrible hence I had to lower down some options which was really not nice, and the taxiways have very jagged edges despite I have good antialiasing settings set. The Mdesign Domodedovo was better for me and it's possible I might have to switch base to Domodedovo instead. If I were him I wouldn't try to model New York... All of it? That's just a recipe for disaster. Obviously it was going to be a mess. And UUEE being a big airport it needs more patience and experience to be made. He was good making polish airports, it was very polished and well made hence I was very happy to hear that UUEE was being made (obviously with less details as it's a bigger airport to save frames). It has been mentioned he will shortly have a kid, perhaps that might have something to do with the rushed release, however, I will not go in details about someones personal life. Only that if I had a kid, I would not have time anymore for FS until 5 years later. I'm sure (and hope) there will be a patch as in this small market reputation is very important.
  11. The amish people stay, although I do not think their society is that healthy though.
  12. This is exactly what I was wondering as well. The job market globally is currently really bad and getting worse at a speeding rate. The poorer are getting poorer and the richer are getting richer. But when nobody will have money to buy their products I guess we will already have been in either a war or revolution.
  13. In the "operations & warnings" tab check the damages section and tick in the boxes except reset on hard crash... Then if you exceed speed or simply pull too many G's your aircraft will fall apart. X-Plane uses quite a different aerodynamics system... The 3D model itself defines how the aircraft will fly as X-plane then calculates the model. Try to design a house with a jet engine, I bet it won't move
  14. It's applicable to mainly combat flight simulators. In many cases I got parts of my aircraft shot off and could barely maneuver after a bad fight yet still make it to landing despite gears don't come down afterwards. I believe the same applies to X-plane, as once in a really bad thundercloud the right wing of my An-24 suddenly snapped off leading the aircraft to a dive... That's something I never seen in FSX.
  15. Fair enough, then I would finally get my Il-62 with high quality virtual cockpit
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