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  1. Thanks for the info! Turns out I had the 737 bookmarked (but XP10 version) The A320 is in t eorg for freeware you say? Whenyou say "my planes" do you mean your collection or your design? which would you recommend besides these 2 giants? All freware or some payware too?
  2. Hey. Excuse the ignorance. What plane is the air canada one? I have x-plane too and just beginning to comile the addons list I want etc to start playing around with it.
  3. Thanks Scott, sure does. I will take a look at those others you linked. I already bought some MSE (just haven't finished downloadingandinstalling yet) at about half price onone of the usual sales. (Last one I bought was central Cali for 10 bucks). So whileI will look at the otherswhat about what I asked about the Night Environment series? Wuod that work with my already purchased MSE? (Provided we talk about thesame areas)
  4. Well I'll be.. you're right. Didn't even see that..:( So what are good solutions to get something nice at night? The NE series from aerosoft? (Is that product *just* lighting or is it something more?) do they even play together nice? I don't know if there's any better alternative for VFR than MSE 2.0. I heard this was pretty much the best you can have at least currently.
  5. Hi Scott, thanks for the reply! Actually, I'm not looking at info for any specific version, at least not specified... I am just taking this from the main MSE site, and clicking on the FAQ. If it is old, they never removed it, as far a someone entering the site would knoe, it corresponds to whatever version they're selling at the moment. So I don't know. False advertising..?
  6. Wow, not only no replies but also 0 views..? Is MSE going out of business and nobody buys this anymore..?
  7. I was initially happy with PCA , since before making my first purchases I sent questins and received replies from the owner, Robert. However, for quite some time there has been nothing but silence from there, nor replies to questions, emails, nothing. I also see his twitter account is pretty much dead... You can nirmally buy 10% off on tuesdays and there seems to be a recurring extra 10% code going around, but even with 20% off I don't think it's worth it... Completely opposite of Dean at PCA Australia who is always there and hepful...(and sometimes, given the same nominal price it's even cheaper buying at his store on a tuesday. With the exchange rate, comes down cheaper thanthe us store).
  8. Hi folks, trying to see if anybody can clarify the following about MSE... I keep reading on various posts where different VFR producst are discussed, about the differences between them and also about the lighting. And I keep seeing: "MSE does not have lighting" And yet, looking at the MSE site, in the FAQ it actually states: What Scenery Type Do I Get When I Purchase MegaScenery? MegaScenery & MegaSceneryEarth provide 2 types of scenery in each package. You get daytime scenery created from high resolution aerial photographs and you get MegaScenery's famous custom NightScene Technology that gives you spectacular night scenery where pretty much every light emitting source is identified and illuminated. The effect is as stunning as night flying in real life. So what's the real thing here? does it or does it not have lighting??
  9. Why is it not "based in reality"? What exactly do you mean by "reality"? Bear with me for a minute here... Part 1) If you wanted to, How long does it take for you to provide a customer with a new key? 5 minutes? Part 2) can you void generated keys? If you can that's another five minutes. If you can't, then we have the real issue of not wanting people to have a second "free key". Can you tell me honestly, with a hand to your heart, that any other possible solution would take less time than that? Just trying to understand the logic here *while I wait*
  10. Of course I do, that's the entire point of the argument! He claims it's not viable to simply do a key substitution solution because "the time of the person doing that must be paid". Ok, so add up the time it take to do that, and compare it to the time spent answering questions, commenting posts, replying to e-mails, etc. to idiots like me, *for this issue alone*. Which is greater? Where are you wasting more time/money? If you can't see that my friend, then there is nothing more I can say that will help you do so... Live long and prosper. P.S. i doubt he has to "try" to prove he knows more about how PMDG is run. That was never in doubt and I'm 100% sure he knows how it's run vs me where my knowledge is 0. The point isn't how PMDG is run, rather than practical and efficient problem solution...
  11. I never said that supporting customers "in general" is wasting time. Now when resolving issue "A" takes less time than keeping on answering mutiple questions, posts, emails, tickets, etc. about issue "A", clearly you're doing something wrong... (And that'sthe time I'm counting as wasted vs your comment of "someone must pay for the time to issue keys"). See the difference?
  12. Yeah. I was super excited since I'm just starting out and wanted to get ASN, HD Airport graphics, Citation, etc and nothing due to waiting and seeing "what else there was".... Wow.. Weirder and weirder: The store is closed We are temporarily closed for maintenance. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please check back soon.
  13. Ok, sure I'll rethink it: how much time does it take to re-issue a keyvs all thetime wasted answering support tickets, forum posts and facebook comments..?
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