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  1. anunnaki75

    Help finding my old VA

    Actually I just found it. In my reply above when I mentioned the pilot union I decided to search with those parameters added to VA and I was able to locate the one I flew with. Its funny how putting things down in words helps to jog the old memory. The one I flew with is AirSource. Thanks to both of you for replying. I really thought this would be a needle in a haystack so im very excited to have found it again.
  2. anunnaki75

    Help finding my old VA

    I was afraid of that lol. I have googled virtual airlines and nothing is ringing a bell. Im literally on page 8 of my search as im going to each site I see to look. Im trying to rack my brains thinking of any other details that may be useful. Seems like we earned virtual $ for our flights flown too. That probably doesnt help but im going to keep looking. Im even thinking that there was a pilots union with it or at least maybe thats what it was called. I thought for sure that I would recognize the name if I saw it but nothing im searching is looking correct so far.
  3. Hello everyone ive been away from flight sim for a while and currently have the time to get back in the skies. In 2008-2009 I was a member of a virtual airline and I can not find it or remember what it was called. Im going to list some of its features as I remember choosing it because it did at the time stand apart from many with what it offered. Any help on finding it or one like it would be appreciated however I would primarily love to find the one im mentioning again. I hope this is the correct forum. I apologize if its not. Here are some of its features it had: -It offered flight selections based on not just one airline but any airline (based on real flights and carriers) -It had software that you had to download to basically record the flight dynamics of your flight to prove you flew it -You had to submit your flights -You had to fly at least one flight per month -It had ranks -This was during the year/s of 2008-2009 -I believe this was a va based in the United States (although international flights were available) Im very sorry to not be more specific but I simply can not find the one I was a member of. Maybe it doesnt exist anymore but I remember at the time it had a very large va pilot roster. Again any help with this would be much appreciated as I keep looking. Thanks in advance to all who may offer help.