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  1. Hello everybody, is there any experience on wether MCE works "out of the box" with the new CaptainSim B757 III in P3DV4? Thanks, Dominik
  2. Gerald, tried the new DLL. Still the same behavior. I am on Windows 10, Kaspersky Anti virus and UAC is off. What I recently realized is that when I open MCE the task bar also pops-up and there is no way to get P3D into a mode again without task bar. Meaning I have to manually hide it. All programs (P3D, Simstarter, MCE) are running with admin priviliges. EDIT: I use Process Lasso to set affinity. Not sure if that matters. Thanks, Dominik
  3. Hi Gerald, for me the new DLL does not work either. Now, the heading knob is adjusted continuously and never stops turning. The V/S is also adjusted until it shows +6000 at which point the A/C FCU does not allow a further increase. These new DLL currently are only supposed to fix the FCDU, not the Overhead etc., right? Best, Dominik
  4. Hi Gerald, with the new DLL and deactivating the FCU option I was able to complete a flight :-) Unfortunately, your other suggestions did not help the FO to grasp correct control over the FCU and other systems. Maybe the rotor brake actions might be a viable actuation mechanism? An Excel spreadsheet with the already identified items can be bound here http://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/10548-some-early-parameters-for-those-of-us-using-hardware-controls/ Thanks for the support, Dominik
  5. Hi Gerald, again thanks for the great and quick support. I will try the new DLL hopefully somewhen during this week. That said, the FO continously pulls the the HDG and V/S knob in irregular intervals. This even occurs during taxi, takeoff and when airborne at cruise. I did not change windows or touch anything else in between two occurences (except setting verything back to managed mode). I am speculating know, but mabye with V193 it is no longer possible to read out these values in the same matter? Offtopic: I have scripted my custom-build OpenCockpits FCU with a mixture of SIOC and LUA by using the known LVARS and the ROTOR BRAKE actions. While I can cause most buttons to work now and readout some states, I have not found a way to sample the Speed, Heading, Alt and V/S values in the FCU windows. Is there a thread you could point me to where offsets etc. are discussed or is the means you utilize for MCE a proprietary scheme? Thanks, Dominik EDIT: Just realized I have two different avsim logins. Will erase one, sorry. Posted previously with DomGiu81
  6. Hi Gerald, for me still does not work. Many elements like doors and overhead panel are still inoperational. In addition there is a sporadic reset of the FCU with a message that not all FCU channels are operational yet in spite of MCE being on hard and soft mute. I am on P3D V3.3, Windows 10, 3440x1440 screen if that is relevant. Thanks for your support, Dominik
  7. Hi Gerald, just tested V193 with MCE. Unfortunately, here it seems like a lot of the scripts are not working anymore. This includes all Door Controls but also nearly the complete air conditioning panel. I have tested in a regular flight situation but also with the testing scripts provided. Are these known issues? Do you have an idea on how to resolve these? Thanks, Dominik
  8. VoxATC and P3D V3

    Hi all, while it generally works like described for me too, the First Officer does not tune the COM frequency. Anyone experiencing the same issue? BTW: It also works in combination with Mytraffic 5.4c if the path is added to simobject.cfg as for all previous versions Dominik