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  1. Solved it. It does work in Win 11. if anybody else runs into a similar issue: there is a known Windows 11 Realtek Driver Bug. Check e.g on YouTube how to manually re-install.
  2. Hi all, have been trying to get VoxATC working in Windows 11. However, cannot pass the 'cannot initialize voice recognition'. FS2Crew Speech recognition works fine. Before I spend many hours in trying to fix this: has anyone actually a confirmed working Windows 11 VoxAtc combination? Thanks!
  3. Andreas, That seems really low and strange that it does not scale. Is it the same in non-glass cockpits? On a i7 4700k with 1080 GLH, 1980p in EDDF with the A32n cloudes and rain I get between 23-28 flying at high settings. Did you ever try Benchmark to see how your system compares to similar builds? Might be insightful in terms of hardware issues to look at Good luck, Dominik
  4. Completely understand that frustration and share it. Luckily I still had the Thrustmaster - seems to be the only work around for now (BTW sensitivity is automatically reduced to -50 %). I opened a ticket a Zen desk but quite honestly if they want to release on Xbox no way around fixing it anyway
  5. Tried it now with a Thrustmaster TM1600. Difference like night and day. For me the Xbox controller is no option right now. Will be interesting to see how that works wheb they release on Xbox.
  6. One more item to consider: upgrading later to Premium Deluxe seems much more expensive if I read the market correctly
  7. I bought the Premium Deluxe and would not do it again. My motivation for it was EDDF and the 787. EDDF I find underwhelming to be honest. The building colors are way off, some not really recognisable at all. Been travelling through EDDF weekly the last years. My verdict: Better wait for Aerosoft. The 787 has been subject to much debate. Again my opinion: in its current state with the long list of bugs not something I enjoy. Better wait for Quality Wings. Right now (until Asobos pushes out some patches) for me this is a GA sim. Meaning I stay away from big airports and airlines. That makes it in many places really enjoyable.
  8. Maybe I am missing something then: Did you also setup a dead zone or only adjust sensitivity? Which aircraft do you use and is AI yoke control on or off? Thanks!
  9. Same issue here. Introducing a dead zone of 30% and reducing sensitivity to -80% helped a little. But of course now it is really jerking from minor to full deflection in what feels like 2mm travel of the stick. It seems there is nothing more to do than that right now. Personally, I agree with a lot that has been written in the forums around the controls. Due to a previous job I have collected a couple of hundred hours on full motion Level D sims including A320, B747 as well as Cessna CJ. I did not expect that this level of control can be replicated on a Xbox controller in any way but as things are right now this crazy sensitivity / pitch behavior and dropping out of flight on short final is extremely unrealistic in my opinion to an extend taking the fun out of it. Support ticket with Zen desk opened. Let's hope that a lot of people do that in order for Asobo to fix these issues.
  10. Hi, Have tried it and switched to VoxATC. For me using a keyboard in VR simply is inconvienient and breaks the immersion. Also ProATC always closes the window after any request and you need to bring it up again. Maybe if you assigned keys to joystick push buttons it could work better. However, just saying to your FO "call for clearance" in Voxatc is the better choice for me. DomNick
  11. Jose of Fsaerodata has found a solution and with Rev3 it works for me again at KSEA and KJFK. Here is what he wrote looked for additional duplicates of ICAO identifiers and corrected some of them still present. Nevertheless, there is still a small risk of similar error with VoxATC, especially when working with add-ons which add several airports (e.g. Orbx regions, MyTraffic or similar).
  12. For the time being I have disabled fsaerodata completely. That way at least Voxatc works.
  13. Hi Jay, it seems I have an issue with my installation of fsaerodata as I experience the same phenomenon at other airports as well until I deactivate fsaerodata. I have asked Jose about that, we will see. Thanks, DomNick
  14. Thanks for the info. Will check next week and report.
  15. Could offer Monday. But I am sure somebody else will be quicker 😊
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