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  1. pddog58

    PRO-ATC/X and VR

    Hi, Have tried it and switched to VoxATC. For me using a keyboard in VR simply is inconvienient and breaks the immersion. Also ProATC always closes the window after any request and you need to bring it up again. Maybe if you assigned keys to joystick push buttons it could work better. However, just saying to your FO "call for clearance" in Voxatc is the better choice for me. DomNick
  2. pddog58

    Fatal Error Vox 7.41

    Jose of Fsaerodata has found a solution and with Rev3 it works for me again at KSEA and KJFK. Here is what he wrote looked for additional duplicates of ICAO identifiers and corrected some of them still present. Nevertheless, there is still a small risk of similar error with VoxATC, especially when working with add-ons which add several airports (e.g. Orbx regions, MyTraffic or similar).
  3. pddog58

    Fatal Error Vox 7.41

    For the time being I have disabled fsaerodata completely. That way at least Voxatc works.
  4. pddog58

    Fatal Error Vox 7.41

    Hi Jay, it seems I have an issue with my installation of fsaerodata as I experience the same phenomenon at other airports as well until I deactivate fsaerodata. I have asked Jose about that, we will see. Thanks, DomNick
  5. pddog58

    Fatal Error Vox 7.41

    Thanks for the info. Will check next week and report.
  6. Could offer Monday. But I am sure somebody else will be quicker 😊
  7. pddog58

    Fatal Error Vox 7.41

    It does work at several other airports (EDDF, EDDH, EHAM). Only KSEA with all aircraft and different flight plans. I have installed fsaerodata and talked to Jose on their forum as the Runway Number Update seems not to work on Win 10. He has the same issue and can reproduce it. So I assume it's one airport in the KSEA vicinity. Only thing I did not try was to disable T2G KSEA.
  8. pddog58

    Fatal Error Vox 7.41

    It seems I am currently stuck at Taxi2Gate's KSEA and Orbx PNW with the same issue. Could you shed some more light on what kind of editing you did to go get rid of the fatal errors with ADE?
  9. Hi, It has been released yesterday 😉 Thanks, DomNick
  10. pddog58

    VOXATC running over network

    Hi, just in case anybody else experiences a bit of frustration with the initial setup. You have to install the latest SimConnect version that comes with P3D V4.2 that is part of the P3D SDK and can be found via SDK Link on both, the P3D machine and the client that is supposed to run as VoxATC Network server. Also, it involves a bit of manual work. A tutorial can be found HERE It would really be great if that was mentioned in the VoxATC manual in the network config chapter. Also not mentioned: Use the VoxATC Settings Dialog on the P3D machine, not the remote server. Best regards, Dom
  11. Hello everybody, is there any experience on wether MCE works "out of the box" with the new CaptainSim B757 III in P3DV4? Thanks, Dominik
  12. Gerald, tried the new DLL. Still the same behavior. I am on Windows 10, Kaspersky Anti virus and UAC is off. What I recently realized is that when I open MCE the task bar also pops-up and there is no way to get P3D into a mode again without task bar. Meaning I have to manually hide it. All programs (P3D, Simstarter, MCE) are running with admin priviliges. EDIT: I use Process Lasso to set affinity. Not sure if that matters. Thanks, Dominik
  13. Hi Gerald, for me the new DLL does not work either. Now, the heading knob is adjusted continuously and never stops turning. The V/S is also adjusted until it shows +6000 at which point the A/C FCU does not allow a further increase. These new DLL currently are only supposed to fix the FCDU, not the Overhead etc., right? Best, Dominik
  14. Hi Gerald, with the new DLL and deactivating the FCU option I was able to complete a flight :-) Unfortunately, your other suggestions did not help the FO to grasp correct control over the FCU and other systems. Maybe the rotor brake actions might be a viable actuation mechanism? An Excel spreadsheet with the already identified items can be bound here http://forums.flightsimlabs.com/index.php?/topic/10548-some-early-parameters-for-those-of-us-using-hardware-controls/ Thanks for the support, Dominik
  15. Hi Gerald, again thanks for the great and quick support. I will try the new DLL hopefully somewhen during this week. That said, the FO continously pulls the the HDG and V/S knob in irregular intervals. This even occurs during taxi, takeoff and when airborne at cruise. I did not change windows or touch anything else in between two occurences (except setting verything back to managed mode). I am speculating know, but mabye with V193 it is no longer possible to read out these values in the same matter? Offtopic: I have scripted my custom-build OpenCockpits FCU with a mixture of SIOC and LUA by using the known LVARS and the ROTOR BRAKE actions. While I can cause most buttons to work now and readout some states, I have not found a way to sample the Speed, Heading, Alt and V/S values in the FCU windows. Is there a thread you could point me to where offsets etc. are discussed or is the means you utilize for MCE a proprietary scheme? Thanks, Dominik EDIT: Just realized I have two different avsim logins. Will erase one, sorry. Posted previously with DomGiu81