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  1. VirtualFlyingFinn

    RXP GTN 750/650 Touch X-Plane v2.4.12 Released

    When not flying in VR (with Flyinside) I use my 4 monitor setup. Three monitors for external visuals and one for avionics (my main computer runs two external view monitors and the avionics monitor + a networked computer for 3rd external view monitor ). The avionics monitor is a touch screen and I was planning to use the GTN 750 on this monitor. But, as far as I have been able to figure out, I cannot use the touch screen functionality unless it is the main monitor in my setup (I dont know is this a Windows 10 restriction or something to do with the monitor itself). So XP 11 cannot be the main monitor in this setup. So hopefully a solution will emerge that will enable me to use the GTN on my touch screen monitor. I am able to use the X-Plane native 530&G1000 on my touch screen, so a solution seems possible. The 530&G1000 are not ideal when using them on a touch screen whereas operating the GTN 750 on a touch screen would be as real as it gets. Thanks dvlourie, Jean-Luc & others for your efforts. I think we are getting closer to a final solution step by step.
  2. VirtualFlyingFinn

    RXP GTN 750/650 Touch X-Plane v2.4.12 Released

    I have not had the chance to try the beta version of X-Planes native VR since I do not own the Rift touch controllers. However, the following quote from Ben Supnik seems to imply that you cannot use RXP panels inside VR at this stage of the beta. "We currently do not support external apps and windows. Sorry, you cannot watch The Patent Scam while flying your 737 in VR. We do realize how useful it would be to have external windows but this will require more investigation." (
  3. VirtualFlyingFinn

    RXP GTN 750/650 Touch X-Plane v2.4.12 Released

    I removed all plugins but still the same problem - GTN works only if X-Plane is in windowed mode (in "Full screen simulator" the GTN does not respond to mouse clicks). Luckily Flyinside XP works in windowed mode so I´m able to use the GTN 750 in VR as a window inside VR. Works very well there! Got an i7 6700 (16 gig RAM) and GTX 1080 with Nvidia drivers 388.71.
  4. VirtualFlyingFinn

    RXP GTN 750/650 Touch X-Plane v2.4.12 Released

    I´m having the same problem that you cannot click the GTN 750 with the mouse if X-Plane is in fullscreen mode. When I use X-plane in windowed mode the GTN 750 works normally as a popout window. But if I switch to X-Plane "Full screen simulator" the GTN will not react to mouse input anymore. This happen consistently every time. It also happens when using the GTN 750 in non-popout mode. I have X-plane version 11.11. Tried with Laminar Cessna 172 and Baron 58.