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  1. Hello everyone I used to be an avid flight simmer "back in the day". I got out of it once I got my ratings (used it to practice most for instrument rating). So had no need really! Anyway, recently I was given a new aircraft assignment unlike anything I have ever flown and want to practice all the new procedures as I am starting over at a new company. I found out there was a recent release of my aircraft that looks fairly legit in operation. I'm litterally starting from scartch here - I intend to purchase FSX, a PS3 camera, and a control yoke (CH yoke like this or Saitek joystick like this) used on eBay and get FaceTrackNoIR and practice that way. Graphics aren't too important so I will just use my laptop plugged into my TV to practice, but cost IS a factor (first year pay and all). Am I missing anything? To sum up, I'd like to use it to practice flows and profiles. Will this set me up?