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  1. There is now only one application you need to download which is psxt.exe. BUT you need to purchase a subscription for the aircraft data at https://rtweb.flyrealtraffic.com/. The way psxt works is, it takes AI aircraft you already have installed and then matches those aircraft against the live data coming from realtraffic. PSXT then places the AI you have installed, into MSFS So to sum it up you need to purchase the realtraffic subscription for the data and download psxt.exe ( which is free ) Nico please fill in if I missed anything. Best John
  2. Hello Everyone! Given the fantastic combination of RT and PSXT - was wondering how you all add to the immersion with ATC. I personally use vlc player to stream liveatc. Set up vlc player hot keys to navigate through the stream lists. Most airports have atis, clearance, ground, tower etc. What becomes difficult ( at least for me ) are approach / departure / center frequencies. I don't know how to track down that info so can also include in vlc streams. How does everyone else handle ATC with live traffic. John
  3. Nico I was just curious as to how it tied together. 🙏 Good work on the new application.
  4. Great work Nico! How does this play out with the RT subscriptions? Is Balthasar looking to get out of the traffic data business ( if you know that answer )
  5. I know PSXT for FSX-SE is no longer supported, but would this bug also exist in the FSX version too?
  6. Makes perfect sense and a great feature! As always thank you Nico
  7. Hello all, I know we are still dealing with data issues due to RT, but I have an observation. I notice as I fly along my route and pass other airports I am not seeing traffic at those airports. For example I depart KHPN to the south and as I fly over KLGA I am not seeing any ground traffic. Is that to be expected? Thanks in advance John
  8. Hi James - these are known issues. Real traffic is using data sources that are somewhat unreliable / unstable. Seems Balthasar ( creator of real traffic ) is trying to find better data. Word has it, might be a few weeks.
  9. KHPN - air traffic seems good, there is some ground traffic but acting erratic. Guess Balthasar still needs to iron out some kinks
  10. Wait - so have the issues on the RT side been resolved? Are we back in business?
  11. My input - the airports I frequent. KHPN ( Air and Ground ) are no worse than before and KLGA ( air and ground ) slight anomalies but overall seems good.
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