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  1. Hello again, Thanks for your response. I reinstalled the driver manually and my windows was uptodate. It still did not solve the problem. I checked aomething else though. I left SLI on and turned off GSYNC that solved the problem. To solve the GSYNC problem, I had to change my computer’s power option to high performance. Now I can use GSYNC in windows mode as well. thanks for your help
  2. Hello, I have the same problem when SLI is on, I do not have the problem in full-screen mode but in windows mode. There is no drop in FPS but I get lots of stutters when I am running p3d v.4.4 in windows mode without any drops in FPS. I have the latest Nvidia driver installed. When I turn off SLI I do not have the issue in windows mode.
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone is having this problem, the program hangs and crashes when I try to change the airport! I have the latest version running on Windows 10, P3D. Thanks
  4. Thanks Z, Thank you for the flying tips. I am still learning how to taxi properly with my Saitek Cessna rudder pedals. I am trying to coordinate between pushing on the pedals for rudder movement and breaking. I am not sure if it is the same in the real life flying but it is definitely something I need to improve on, to be able to track along the taxi and take off lines. I wish I could join a flying school, it is so expensive though. I would love to do that though.
  5. .Hi, Thanks everyone for your help and all the great tips, it makes a lot more sense now. Great story Gareth. Thanks again S
  6. Hey guys, I finally made my first Carenado purchase and I am very excited to be using this aircraft. I am pretty new to FSX and flying. I am using the Angle of Attack Tutorials to learn. Anyway, so when are you suppose to turn on the carburetor heat? does it have to be on during take off and landing? it seems to me when you turn it on your RPM drops. Thanks everyone. oh I have finally made my first video as well using Carenado Cessna 152 II.
  7. fsxlover

    weird night textures filtering

    Hello, I have the same problem with the A2A Cessna.. Just noticed it today. Anyone has a solution?