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  1. SeH

    Next p3d patch / fix en route

    well, that´s typical. Come up with language stuff maybe, just maybe, english is not my first language ?
  2. SeH

    Next p3d patch / fix en route

    you´re all so funny rly it´s because of folks like you that made software developer think they could go away with shockingly bad software... Look at the last years and how that problem has grown...and no matter if we´re talking about battlefield or p3d or other commercial software. It´s all the same. So companies come up with software that is bugged as **** or isn´t even able to run without crashing all the time. And because of the golden age of the internet they then come up with x patches solving problems that are so clear, they would´ve noticed if they even played their own game for at least half an hour. But not blaming them for this, because you all pay for the betatesting. So why should they even care about quality management ? And then you even praise them for that behaviour. "At least they are working on it and developing" Are you kidding me And even then, when it´s absolutely clear, that the software is faulty in so many things, folks come with something like this: "Some folks, and I am one, are happily enjoying some fantastic flights in P3D2 because they have enough common sense to set their system up reasonably." sry words for that. So I know time has changed, and devs can should release patches and bugfixes. But at some point it´s just unaccetable. So can you pls stop praising LM for developing p3d ? they choose to do so and it´s their **** job. Sure are they developing it. But have a little bit of "common sense" and don´t take everything which is thrown at you as the best and ultimate just because it´s thrown at you...
  3. SeH

    Next p3d patch / fix en route

    I meant the thread you banned me from. There I replied once. This thread, where we´re talking right now, I actually replied more times :ph34r: so...yeah
  4. SeH

    Next p3d patch / fix en route

    lolwut I replied once to this thread
  5. SeH

    Next p3d patch / fix en route

    exactly ! now you and me got disliked and disagreed like crazy I was even banned from a topic because I was saying that we are only beta testers and pay for product a full AAA price that is not working longer than 20 minutes. And in the end I´m mistaken because I moved the sliders which were given by the devs too much to the right... what a joke...
  6. "...,so we are trying to focus on high quality for what X-Plane 10 does, not on expanding X-Plane 10 into (even more) new territory." wow ! that´s a big f++k you to the community, for me it means, no new features like seasons, atc, ai, weather for xplane 10, which are so strongly needed to outperform fsx/p3d FINALLY ! And even now where the market is changing and p3d is at a weak state, xplane come with those uninspired news. Thx for nothing... Very disappointing I must say. I can´t believe it ! For me only ATC, AI, Weather and seasons are missing for a stable x plane platform which can then succeed and atract more 3rd party devs. Xplane does so many things right but some things are just years behind and/or simply not there. Theres so little what have to be done to get this sim up in the air...maan Don´t they see it ? Do they want it at all ? Am I completely wrong ?
  7. simple. WOAI ... it´s free and in my opinion better than most payware. There are torrents on the net for the complete packages, so you don´t have to load every single package one by one
  8. still don´t get all the dx10 hype... at least when it comes to visuals and water look at that video, that water looks complete awesome !
  9. SeH

    Next p3d patch / fix en route

    sounds like they still blame us and our "settings" for the ooms...
  10. SeH

    this hobby is almost over

    If I had a lot of money I would hire a studio and let them build an awesome flight sim ! Don´t get it why nobody else is doing this
  11. SeH

    My first flight with P3D v2.1

    LOL ! and that´s why they choose to develop in 32bit.... because of newest hardware ... or ... so ... srsly, some guys... P3D is broken atm, period. Out of the box ooms, I mean serious ? Don´t even know if I should laugh or cry.
  12. Allready got a refund for this piece of crap, they like to call software... I mean do you realize that we pay 60 dollars or more for a software we can´t use ?! I´m not able to fly longer than 30 minutes in dense areas. What the ######... They are not able to deliver an at least working ! product... Reinstalled fsx... I don´t think p3d will be a serious alternative for a long time