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  1. hello every one! before few days i decided to try the P3D V2 Proffesional... after that I installed all the add-ons and sliders, I haven't T/W and normal trees (of ORBX FTX) so I looked for guides of ORBX trees to P3D V2 and I found someting here (AVSIM). It said to open new text at the desktop and write few thinks and to save it with XXX.reg, then to click it an approve it, It didn't work and I decided to delete the P3D and to stay with the FSX. I deleted the P3D and everythink was good. Today's morning I wanted to fly from KJFK-LLBG (JFK NW - Ben Gurion Tel Aviv). but then the PMDG747-400 Load Manager didn't work, it sais that the program stop to work and I had to options: 1) That Windows wiil look for asouloation and close the program 2)Close the program so I did reboot to the computer (it didn't work). then I tried to delete the PMDG747-400 from the control-panel and to install it again.So I deleted the 747-400 and all his add-ons liveries. then at the installation it didn't worked it said that he can't find the PMDG folder and then I understood that somethink isn't good because off the P3D. so I did a Seystem Reconstruction to the P3D time. and I delete it agian. but then whhen I tried to delte from the control panel the 747-400 it said that the set-up stop working and again I had 2 options. this is my problem! I must to delete it from the computer and i don't know how! thankes to the helpers