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  1. My solution is a short quick-n-dirty. Using slew (or just the maps, but I think you WILL need the map) pause the sim. Move the A/C over the carrier, point it in the jeneral direction of the carrier's bow, and adjust the speed of the plane using the map to about that of the carrier. The parking breaks need to be on. Here's the tricky part. If you set the A/C to be at 70ft, it will hit the ocean every time. I think the minimum height to stop that is 78 feet. If you try, say, 74 feet, it falls into the drink. It seems that an 8-foot, free-fall drop would smash the gear because that is around 1200 fps, but it doesn't. But I don't know what part of the plane is at 8 feet. I have set up a couple of flights doing this, and my F18 drops and makes a skid noise, but other than that, no problem.