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  1. I installed and tested the GTN on XP and found that it runs perfecly fine as far as the hour of flight testing i did, the autopilot is following the route and it runs very well, So at least for me its only the GNS for xplane that is not working correctly. I also enabled the GNS 430 as a second unit after and it had no effect on the GTN, it still ran fine, and the GNS is still running slow.
  2. Looks like thats a Windows 11 problem with the GNS then, lets wait and see if that can be fixed. For those that upgraded you have 10 days do go back to windows 10 via the windows update.
  3. The default GNS on the Baron works normally, and the only other paywere aircraft i have is the hot start TBM, it uses a modified G1000 from xplane and that is working ok too. Now i did try to use the GNS 430 on the baron to see if it worked, still the same, but i found out something a bit random that brings the GNS back up to speed for a few seconds, restarting it changing a configuration that requires the GNS to restart or just flicking the battery very fast 🤣 It does go back to being slow after a few seconds, but maybe you can figure something out of this rather random looking events? note that if i turn the battery off for more time than a second it will just be slow from the start. https://youtu.be/xn_TyB-AoAg
  4. I have the GNS 430 on xplane and the GNS 530 on P3D, but i also have the GTN 650 on P3D.
  5. I am running a RTX 2070 super with a 5600x, i did see the problem with the L3 cache latency being high but all benchmarks and games showed no change in peformance. The main problem for me is that everything from the GNS is slowed down, including auto pilot comands, so the aircraft will not really follow the GNS only lazily turning in one direction until it overshoots the route. And then again, for some reason this is only happening on xplane, P3D is running like nothing changed.
  6. Here is the problem filmed from a phone, it helps show the delay in response to clicks Video
  7. Yes during the video when clicking it also takes extra time to get a response from the GNS, it also happens on the default aircraft. I took a screenshot of the plugin admin.
  8. After the windows 11 update to the release version my GNS 430 updates information on the screen at a very slow pace, this is a xplane 11 problem only, i have the GNS 530 and GTN 650 on P3D and its running the same as before. Any sugestions? Exemple
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