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  1. Which is exactly why I bought the Tristar. The CoolSky DC-9 is phenomenal and costs 5 bucks less, so I guess that level of quality is what I was looking for.
  2. Well, based on the things I read, I purchased my first CS product ever--the L1011. I had to, as it's my favorite airliner of all time. I've only used the NGX and CoolSky DC-9 in FSX and they're both great, so forgive me that they are all I have to compare. Here's my list of what disappoints me with the purchase from CS: 1) I'm not very happy with the VC textures. They just seem low end and the panel color just looks sorta blah. Based on what I read about CS textures being amazing, I was ready for that feeling I got the first time I loaded the NGX VC. I didn't get that feeling at all. Additionally, although the DC-9 didn't give me quite that NGX feeling, it was darn close. The panel just doesn't have that photo-real look like the NGX. 2) The sounds are simply not very good at all, IMO. Enough said. 3) I'm not sure about the flight dynamics. My dad retired from the USAF flying the KC-10. Now, that doesn't make him an expert on the Tristar, but his best buddy from the early days did fly Tristars for EAL until they folded in 1991. I was always intrigued by the Tristar, since it was the first big airliner I ever rode on, so growing up I always asked dad's buddy about flying that beast. I remember hearing about how agile the airplane was for it's size and how pilots loved it for that reason. The CS version sorta feels like a wet blanket in the air and at 50% MTOW rotates very slowly at the correct speed for the weight. I just wonder how "accurate" the flight dynamics are. 4) the textures load very slow. The other two products I mentioned have high resolution textures as well and have nowhere near the load time on my computer. 5) Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I have an issue with the a/p IAS climb mode. After take off and manually flying the airplane until flaps were up, I engaged the autopilot at around 190 kts. I had the speed set to 250 knots and selected IAS climb mode. The airplane continued to climb, but locked onto the speed I was at when selecting IAS climb mode. I assumed the airplane would adjust pitch until reaching the selected speed. I had to manually adjust pitch until the airplane reached 250 kts. I then selected IAS climb mode again and the airplane continued to climb at 250 kts. Again, this could be accurate or it could be something I did wrong. 6) Not having enough control over VC lighting is a deal breaker. Flying at night with the panel flood lights on is not good. Again, this was not meant to be a dig on CS products, just my initial opinion. Not very happy spending $55 bucks on this. So, the bottom line is I really want to this product, but I don't. The VC is my primary concern. At 60% zoom, the text looks awful. Can't say that about the other two products I use. I can deal with the IAS climb issue if that's accurate. Sounds like the sounds can be replaced, so I suppose I can live with that, even though this thing was fairly expensive. I can't live with the limited control I have over VC lighting.