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  1. Flugsimulatorpilot

    "Light Bloom" effect in P3D

    Hi, I really like the light bloom effect you can enable in FSX to make the night and runway lights more bright/intense/volumetric. How can I get a similar effect in P3D v4 ? Thanks in advance Flugsimulatorpilot
  2. Flugsimulatorpilot

    Prepar3D 4k Monitor to reduce aliasing

    Hi, I currently have a 16:10 widescreen monitor with a resolution of 1680:1050 and I am experiencing a lot of aliasing, e.g "jaggies" although having Anti-aliasing set to 4xMSAA or 8xMSAA in Prepar3D and in nvidia inspector to 4x sparse grid super sampling and "Enhance application settings". Particulary during night, all 3d night lights in greater distance are flickering. I am wondering if an upgrade to a higher resolution monitor (2k or 4k) could solve the problem due to a higher pixel density. Does anyone who upgraded to 4k or 2k experienced any improvements? Thanks
  3. Flugsimulatorpilot

    X-Plane 11 new autogen

    Looks great ...
  4. Flugsimulatorpilot

    Flytampa Copenhagen "Rotating" Bridges

    Was just an idea ...
  5. Flugsimulatorpilot

    Flytampa Copenhagen "Rotating" Bridges

    Do you use the old Aerosoft Zurich Airport (2012) or Zurich V2.0 ? I have similar problems with older Airports from Aerosoft such as German Airports, etc.
  6. Flugsimulatorpilot

    Flytampa Copenhagen "Rotating" Bridges

    Hi, I don't think that the issue with the rotating buildings is related to AI Traffic. To my surprise the issue seems to be disappeared as I switched from "Airliner Mode" to "VFR Mode" (FlyTampa Configurator).
  7. Flugsimulatorpilot

    Flytampa Copenhagen "Rotating" Bridges

    Hi, does anyone have the same problem with Copenhagen and fixed it? after changing the position of the aircraft and the angle of view: Thanks,
  8. Flugsimulatorpilot

    Best ATC to use with Prepar3d v3.3/v3.4

    What ATC Addon do you use in P3D? I already tried the trial version of VoxATC, but it didn't work. I got error messages like "FATAL ERROR. Please restart", etc. Does anyone know how to fix these errors or do you have any recommendations for other products? Thanks in advance Flugsimulatorpilot
  9. Flugsimulatorpilot

    VRAM and VAS

    Hi, I have a geforce gtx 770 with 2gb vram and I'm using P3D v3.3.5. On every flight I have a high VAS usage (during takeoff approximately 3,1 gb are used, until landing VAS grows up to 3,8gb). While monitoring the temperatures of my procesor and graphics card I noticed that almost every mb of my graphic cards memory (vram) is used. The card has 2048mb and during the takeoff already 2006mb were used. Could it be possible that P3D (Windows) swaps the additional required vram memory to the main memory (VAS)? So would an upgrade to a 980Ti (6gb) or 1070 (8gb) reduce my VAS? Thanks in advance
  10. Flugsimulatorpilot

    Landing/Taxilights do not illuminate Ground from 3d Cockpit

    Hi Dan, I installed Prepar3D v3.3.5 on my fresh Windows 10 system. I had no other version installed before. Happily, I haven't had the problem again so far. I'll do some other flights with the 777 and report the results.
  11. Flugsimulatorpilot

    FS2004 Taxing to the runway LHPR Departure

    Stunning shots. Can't believe that this is FS9 :smile:
  12. Flugsimulatorpilot

    Landing/Taxilights do not illuminate Ground from 3d Cockpit

    When I restart Prepar3D and load the two Addon Airports all the lights illuminate the ground correctly. So I did the same flight yesterday again and everything worked like a charm. The only thing I changed was that I set the time to night, loaded the flight and then set the time (with the time preview windows in P3D) to the time I wanted. Might be P3D issue?
  13. Flugsimulatorpilot

    How do you manage completing a flight without OOMs

    I monitor VAS with the projectFly Pilot Tool (VAS Monitor). I set the level of detail radius to low, both autogen buildings and trees to normal. That helped me to complete a flight.
  14. Flugsimulatorpilot

    Landing/Taxilights do not illuminate Ground from 3d Cockpit

    Time was set to dusk and season was set to summer. I started the flight at Taxi2gate EDDM and the destination airport was Aerosoft Mega Airport Frankfurt V2 (both fully updated). When I landed VAS was about 3500 MB. Might it be possible that P3D disables some features to save VAS?
  15. Hi, I bought the 777 for P3d and noticed during a flight that all exterior Lights do not illuminate the ground beeing in the virtual cockpit. When changing to the exterior view all the lights do illuminate the ground. When I switch back to the virtual cockpit the landing and taxi lights disappear after a few seconds. I'm using Prepar3d v3.3.5 and Windows 10 Pro x64. I loaded the 777 as it is described in the manual. Does anybody have the same issue. Is there a fix? I hope someone can help me Lukas Christl