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  1. Don't take me wrong, but as you seem to "give orders" to me, so I'll do for you... I think you should be betatesting the SP1 instead of being here telling us the huge amount of aviation knowledge you've got... And as a curiosity, given your tremendous knowledge of aviation and the fact you're a PMDG betatester, how come did you miss the FBW issue when you first betatested the airplane before its release?...A super knowledgeable person like you should have seen it on the fly....a least I did (and many orthers here) in less than five minutes.... ...because to your frustration, I know two tons of aviation more than you...but don't go over here trying to show it to everyone... Regards. C A R L O S P E I N A D O EDIT: And I think I'm on my right to be in the shadow if I want, 'cause I rather prefer not to participate in the forum but simply use it to be up to date, and you are nobody to tell me otherwise, lest anyboy gets upset a report me to the moderator so I can be warned for saying truths that the PMDG self-proclamed-fans don't like and I hurt their feelings...
  2. Believe or not, I was totally respectful...Simply I coudn`t resist because sometimes I see answers that I think have not a correct tone...and when I dare writing something I think is fair, I inmediately get warned or banned. I'm not planning to post anymore in the forum. I prefer to use it only to be up to date about my PMDG airplanes. I apologize to Ryan and to anyone who feels upset, but I had to answer that... I won't post anymore...but you already know who I am... Best regards.