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  1. RonHarr

    P3D v3.2 PMDG 737NGX Liveries not showing

    Problem solved by ungrouping vehicles to "none" and then returning then grouping to "manufacturer". Don't know why this did it but the gremlin has gone. Ron Harris
  2. RonHarr

    P3D v3.2 PMDG 737NGX Liveries not showing

    Hi Dan, that is indeed the way they are grouped. The gremlin must be hiding in the group Ron
  3. Hi I have PMDG 777 and 737 base and expansion packs running in P3D v3.2. The latest Operations Centre loads 777 liveries and they are displayed without problem. The 737 liveries, except for PMDG house, do not show at all although there is no problem with the aircraft operations. The downloaded liveries show up as texture folders in P3D's SimObjects\Airplanes folders and the respective Aircraft.cfg files show the presence of the texture(s). Comparing these with the successfully loaded 777 liveries shows no discernible differences. It is as if P3D cannot access the folders and yet, if I duplicate a livery entry P3D knows it is duplicated and warns that aircraft must have a unique ID. The only thing I haven't yet done is a full uninstall of 737 base and expansion followed by a reinstall, hoping that someone out there might help me solve the mystery. I have full administrator privileges and all folders, files and security are OK and 737 settings check with 777. I have done "repair" installations on 737 base and expansion and it too has not resulted in livery display Is there anyone who has encountered this issue and solved it? If not does anyone have any suggestions for what I may be missing? Any help much appreciated, Regards Ron Harris