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  1. Hey, I'm studying Aviation at University and my group have been tasked with starting up a hypothetical airline, The name is still pending however a working name of ManChi Airways is in use. We were looking for some of the more talented painters out there to do us a simple livery so we can take some realistic looking images in FSX for use in our presentation, The deadline for this is the 25th march. We don't mind which aircraft you use as we have access to PMDG737, Airbus X and any of the default Aircraft. We cannot pay you guys unfortunately (we are students after all) However we can credit you when we give our presentation if you wish. We basically want a good design preferably in a Red Colour and featuring the Hong Kong and UK flags. We're not too picky as you guys are probably wizards at this stuff in comparison. If you so happen to choose this Mission you can contact me at the email below, also there is a basic layout of a livery painted on a 787 you guys can use this/change parts but this is the general colouring done by a group member (We have already called him up on the Thomson similarities). however we would ask it is painted onto one of the aircraft mentioned above. no one in my team has any talent with this stuff so we have turned to you guys. Hope you can help my degree is riding on this being a top notch presentation! Contact Email: m.kent-fox@edu.salford.ac.uk http://i61.tinypic.com/vct739.jpg Thank you to anyone who shows interest, I look forward to hearing from you.