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  1. Not sure. Might have something to do with the prop?
  2. I have over 100 hours in a 172R which I did my private pilot training in. I can attest, at least with my experience, that the A2A 172 is spot on the numbers in all regards. Obviously some feelings will be differently felt in the sim vs the real thing, but believe me, it does perform the way it should. And yes the bottom of the white arc is 33 knots and I can fly the plane there real world and in the sim. (Real world it's easy with no wind haha) I've flown other Cessna models including older 172's and the 177 Cardinal. They all are different. Oh and yes, in the real world 172R that our club has 2 of, you do need some nose down trim after takeoff if you set it on the line.