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  1. Wiggl

    DME and ADF

    I Think my Problem goes along with this issue statet here by Scarp. I Have the RXP530 installed and linked to COM1/NAV1 and as far as i understand this both feed into VOR1 for a ILS Approach. The Problem i have is, that my VOR 1 Shows only the red NAV Flag as if it was not recieving anything. I tried to switch the GNS to VLOC Mode as this should solve the Issue (at least it should on my understanding ). But nothing happens. Today after a clean reinstall it worked in VLOC Mode for one single approach and thereafter it turned unusable (the VOR1)...... Has anyone else similar issues with his VOR1 Gauge? I think having a VOR1 select Source Switch would be a perfekt solution as i think the RXP is hard on with interfering the "deep" Systems of Carenado.
  2. Well hqrd to tell. I Use the Phenom with the RXP 530 in background for IFR. I like the simplicity of this one. But others dont. I do not relay on the fact that flc is not working. ( will change the buttonlabel to spd ). For me its a nice little plane wich is fun for fast vfr or short IFR hops. I think of you are a out-of-the-book pilot you should pass on his on and look for the feelthere wilco. If you knew Carenado and you can be habby with the g1000 they programmed. Give it a try.
  3. On the bottom of the g1000 screen there should be bouttons. Wich are pfd or mfd( one of them cant remember right now). If you click these there will show up some setup options availabe. For Example wind baro and values ( metric/imperial and so on.) If you select wind there are three more selections wich will open. There you are. I think this is what you are searching for.