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  1. DME and ADF

    I Think my Problem goes along with this issue statet here by Scarp. I Have the RXP530 installed and linked to COM1/NAV1 and as far as i understand this both feed into VOR1 for a ILS Approach. The Problem i have is, that my VOR 1 Shows only the red NAV Flag as if it was not recieving anything. I tried to switch the GNS to VLOC Mode as this should solve the Issue (at least it should on my understanding ). But nothing happens. Today after a clean reinstall it worked in VLOC Mode for one single approach and thereafter it turned unusable (the VOR1)...... Has anyone else similar issues with his VOR1 Gauge? I think having a VOR1 select Source Switch would be a perfekt solution as i think the RXP is hard on with interfering the "deep" Systems of Carenado.