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  1. Hi there! Sometimes I do have the problem, that ENG OIL TEMP is increasing into the red range, while OIL QTY and OIL PRESS are decreasing. ENG overheats and gets a flame out thereafter. Looks like there is an oil leak at the enginges causing that problems but I dont get a message showing ENG X OIL LEAK? I do have enough fuel on board, service based failures are disabled, auto cruise sometimes enabled, sometimes disabled. Eng oil refill is done and there is enough amount of oil available. I really don't know what I do wrong and searching the Manual doesn't give me any hints. Maybe someone had the same problems as I have and has a hint for me?
  2. When pushing back the Dash 8, it's possible to perform a turn right from where you remove your chocks. You don't even need to push straight for the distance of nose gear/main gear. Check this vid:
  3. Recently I was wondering about P3D's built-in pushback mechanisms as I saw someone using Majestic Dash 8's FMS pushback feature and that pushback was super narrowly! Like you would have taxiied that aircraft around a sharp turn but just the other way round. I'm sure when MJC can do it, PMDG can do it even better!
  4. Thank you all for your answers!
  5. Hello! Two things are a little complicated when flying the 747: 1.) Setting minimums by klick and drag. It's often very hard to set them correctly and it takes a significant amount of time. It would be better if you could set minimums just like on the NGX by just using the mouse wheel. Simple and effective. I know that this is on purpose, but it just doesn't make sense: In 500 flights with the NGX I didn't change the DH a single time by accident. 2.) Pushback radius is veeeeeeery large and pushback degrees are limited to 90°. I'm unable to push back from narrow gates as the turn radius is so huge and I'm unable to push back with more than 90 degrees angle. It would be nice to do a pushback with only 60m. 76m are often too much. Best regards!
  6. asdfgh

    Fireworks in P3D?

    You can load DGR Code 1.3 or 1.4 firework in your 747, but remember: 1.3 and 1.4 are CAO, Cargo Aircraft Only!
  7. Thanks for your answer, Kyle and sorry if it came across a little rude. I was just afraid that it was not entirely clear what I meant at first place due to my bad english and partly complicated mode of expression. That's correct and I did view quite a lot QOTSII videos as I find it a little less complicated to find out things on my own but I did absolutely not find any video where the panel states got explained. All I found were videos about how to get her into the air or how to program the FMC, but these were not the things I wanted to learn in the first place. However, I watched them anyway. :D I already decided to buy the 747 QOTSII years ago as it was announced, but the right time still has to come (IVAO MTL P3D V4). Thank you all for your answers!
  8. Thanks for your reply, Bertie! I am unable to follow the tutorials in the manuals because I am not that type of guy, that invests money before he fully knows what he's buying. Unfortunately it doesn't look like there's a legal chance to read the 747 Introduction Manual before actually buying it. I know about the differences between the 737 and 747, as I am training on the NGX for six years now and I did long haul flying with the first version of the PMDG 747 for five years back in FS9. That's one option, but unfortunately not the one I want to use. When I leave the aircraft today with GPU connected, SQWK on 6225, VHF1 on 134.35, 4633kg remaining fuel in the tanks and MCP ALT 5000ft, I want to see the exact same scenario and settings tomorrow, when launching the Sim and preparing the aircraft for a return leg back home, just as it would be in the real aircraft only an hour after arrival. That's why I don't want to use default panel states and that's why I need to know if the QOTS II supports the "last panel state" option just as the 737NGX does. That's why I see the 747 as possible investment target, as I really liked the feeling back in FS9 flying the 747. I just don't want to have differences - or more precisely: less functions - on what PMDG delivers additionally to the real world aircraft just as the last panel state option, for example.
  9. Good day everyone! As IVAO starts working on compatible MTL for P3D V4, the sim and the PMDG 747 V2 become an option for me, but first i need to know if the 747-bug, where the caution light illuminates at engine start, is solved? Does that problem also occur when using "last panel state"? If the QOTSII supports "last panel state"? Thats how I manage my panel state in the NGX in FSX now and I do want to use the 747 in P3D V4 the same way. I know about the work-around with the default panel state, but that's not how I want to use an addon, whose price at release was 15$ more that the release price of the 777.
  10. asdfgh

    PMDGs roll left

    Hey Thorsten! I had a similar problem in the past: My Logitech Joystick was way too sensitive sometimes and it often did not find it's zero position. I was unable to taxi straight forward, instead there was always a bit of deviation to the left or right during taxi and maintaining an altitude by manual flying was very difficult. To get rid of that problem, I always do the flight control check. I move my joystick ailerons full left, full right, elevator full up and down and the rudder full left and full right just like my preflight checklist tells me to do. It seems like this tells the joystick it's "maximum" in each direction. Give it a try, Greetings ;)
  11. I assume these settings can be enabled/disabled via the FMC like in the 737?
  12. Good morning folks! As P3D 64bit seems to make good progress ( and hopefully the 747 64bit version will do so as well it's time for me to think about investing again in flightsim since years. How I want to use my 747 online at IVAO: Start her up in the morning, when she's at CRZ ALT I log off from IVAO, let her fly alone, go to work and after 8-9 hours I come back home, logging in again at IVAO and finish the last one or two hours to the destination. PMDG does have a function "pause at TOD" which is great for days when it takes a little longer at work. But can I leave the queen alone for that mentioned time frame? Would there be any problems with overheating fuel pumps that don't pump fuel anymore or other ACFT systems? Or is there any function that allows me to let her fly her FMC-programmed way without any issues while I am not present?
  13. asdfgh

    [POLL] What do you think PMDG will do next?

    Let's say the 747 is at 100% (newest standard)... From my point of view the 777 would be at 99% and the NGX would be at 98%. I would not even think a second about buying the 737 again as the current version is - again my p.o.v. - almost the same level as the 777 and the 747 are. A 737 64bit would be a whole different story.
  14. asdfgh

    [POLL] What do you think PMDG will do next?

    747 V3 64bit :wub:
  15. I do. 737 747 777 PMDG is developing airliners that are popular in real life. The MD11 is beautiful but not very common.