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  1. cabby44

    A2A's Piper Cherokee 180 is released

    ^That's a comprehensive list and as one who has some hours in a 180 and Turbo Arrow every bit of it is true. C.
  2. cabby44

    A2A's Piper Cherokee 180 is released

    In what way? How about a quick review? C.
  3. cabby44

    A2A's Piper Cherokee 180 is released

    This looks awesome but I am unclear about the multitude of licensing options. C.
  4. cabby44

    AI traffic in P3D?

    I use My Traffic 2013 installed into P3D v2.2 with the Estonia Migration Tool and it works perfectly. I can't imagine flying without it. C.
  5. From P3D Controls select your Saiteks then select the "Calibrate" tab and follow the calibration routine. When done select the "Axes" tab and making sure you have selected the pedals assign (double click on axis assignment from the list and simply press on the left toe brake pedal for example) the Toe Brakes to the "X" and "Y" axes and assign the rudder or "yaw" by selecting the "Z" axis and moving the rudder pedals.
  6. cabby44

    OrbX PNW on P3D v2.2 - 10fps drop?

    I get the smoothest flight with FPS : Fixed @ 33 With Orbx Region Nor Cal I get a steady 30 fps except for SFO where fps drops considerably. C.
  7. Except for some minor irritations that need work my overall review of P3D is : Stunning! I was pretty well satisfied with my much-modified FSX except that it was always prone to the occasional crash. After patiently waiting for P3D to get some time and updates behind it I finally made the leap and am I ever glad I did. First, a hardware and software list: Prepar3d v2.2 with "Hot-fix" Win7 64 / Intel i7 2700k @ 4.4 ghz / 16GB DDR3 / Nvidia GTX580 3GB DDR5 / Intel SSD + 2 WD SATA3 Raptor HDDs / Creative XFI Soundcard / Single 30" HP LCD Monitor @ 2560x1600 @ 60hz ORBX Global 1.20 / ORBX Regions PNW,NRM,CRM,NCA / REX 4 TD SP2 My Traffic 2013 / Shockwave 3D Lights / Accu-Feel v2 / installed via Estonia Migration Tool Carenado FSX Piper Arrow IV / Carenado FSX M20J Mooney / Just Flight FSX DC6-B installed via Estonia Migration Tool Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog / Saitek Combat Rudder Pedals TrackiR 5 Lockheed-Martin Installation Size with all Add-ons: 57 GB. P3Dcfg tweaks: Affinity Mask @ 254 Texture Bandwidth Multi @ 80 Shader Cache Version @ 1 I use 33 FPS Fixed, HDR Enabled, Bloom Disabled, Triple Buffering is off, and I use App Controlled settings for AA and Anisotropic in NV Inspector. Autogen @ Dense and Tesselation @ High everything else all the way right in Scenery. Shadows have been reduced, these settings have major effects on performance and each PC is different. I still have shadows enabled for clouds and trees. Once in the sim the visuals are stunning, the flight smooth and stutter free(more later), the radio chatter and air traffic very realistic(am very impressed with My Traffic 2013 - a Must Have IMO), the REX 4 night sky is awesome, the lights beautiful, the runway markings and signage excellent, the sounds crisp and clear, and so far no software crashes!! All my add-ons and hardware function as advertised. The Negatives: For whatever reason High Altitude Cirrus clouds are rendered with a sort of "Japanese Rising Sun Ensign" pattern which is annoying at sunrise and sunset. This MUST be fixed. That's pretty much it! The other "negatives" are directly related to my hardware. My aging GTX 580 chugs a bit at busy airports like SFO and LAX but even then it's still flyable @ 12-15 FPS and MUCH better than it ever was in FSX where sometimes flight was impossible at similar frame rates. A new video card is in order. I guess a multi-monitor set up would be the ultimate but I am quite content with the 30" monitor. The only other purchases I need to make besides the video card will be a high-fidelity P3D specific Boeing jetliner of some type whenever they are available and maybe a few more Carenado GA aircraft. Also a Weather Engine, either REX when it is ready or perhaps Active Sky. Conclusion: If you have been hesitant about taking the Prepar3d plunge don't wait any longer! My P3D installation is so significantly superior to my FSX(Orbx, Rex, etc.)installation that I deleted FSX forever. I only hope that LM continues to develop P3D for many years to come. C.
  8. Should be a separate entry for the Saitek pedals in Windows Devices as well as in the P3D Settings/Controls. I have the same pedals and they work just fine in P3D using the Windows 7 64 driver. I don't use the Saitek software. Try plugging the pedals into a different USB port. C.
  9. cabby44

    Can someone help me please.

    i7 Sandy @4.4ghz,16gig DDR3 RAM, Win7 64, GTX580 3gig DDR5 RAM, 30" Monitor @ 2560x1600, FSX Config Tweaks followed from Nick and here too. Have UTX/GEX, FTX/REX Essentials OD, Ultimate Traffic2, Shockwave Lights, and some Carenado AC installed. Suffered terribly from "microstutters" until I did this: Set in FSX Settings as FPS Target = 30FPS. In NI set Vsync to "Use 3D App" and presto no more microstutters. FSX runs beautifully, smooth as glass at a steady 30 FPS with 8xS AA, 16 Aniso, and 2XSGSS, Day or Night. No other "tweak" whatsoever had as much dramatic effect as fixing FPS to 30 in FSX and setting Vsync to "Use 3D App" in NI. I have tons of GA(45% in UT2) and Commercial traffic(100% in UT2) and have vehicle traffic set to 12. Hope this helps. C.