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  1. After several flights the checklists always get stuck. I have no skip button anywhere (not on any of the FMS) This is super annoying as I'm already at cruise level and it keeps telling me to climb to cruise. in other flights if It tells me to decent and I decent, it does not register at all. this is especially really annoying. is there a fix for this issue?
  2. Yes, do these have the automatic F/O checklists, where if you switch it on the F/O will read out the checklists and do the configurations for you?
  3. During my flight today I did not see any skip button, and as a result it kept asking me to initiate decent even after I was on the ground.. I will try to look for it later. Thanks, but I prefer non voice checklists. however, I'll keep those in mind.
  4. Yeah that was probably it, seems interesting. The problem is I don't want to be speaking to the crew with my mic, I want a normal checklist procedure, as in the case with Airbus. And what about the error in checklist? It isn't really that big of a problem, just a small error I want to correct.
  5. Darn, thanks. But I've seen similar videos on YouTube that have this feature..
  6. First off I'd like to say on the Aerosoft Airbus X Extended the checklist feature is superb. I love the fact that there are voices that tell you what to do and as wells as do it for you, I discovered this feature while I was in flight, and the callouts and stuff are absolutely great. however when ATC asked me to descend (IFR) I forgot to run the checklist and started my decent. Upon realising this, I went to the second FMC and started the pre decent checklist (because I forgot, ) after completion, it said to start decent, but I had already started decent and it did not correct it. How do I correct the checklist? it kept telling me to start decent even after I finished landing, so it did not do any of the further checklists. is there a way to fix this? Now moving on the PMDG. I want to install this to PMDG 737NGX. Is there a way to install this type of programe to the NGX? Including the callouts and checklist? (Also the automatic checklist) Thanks, Commandhat17/AJ
  7. Yeah, the 737 MAX looks a little bit like the 787 in the flight deck, so there isn't much difference, that is if quality wings will work on it..
  8. Hello, I would like to know whether there are any 'high quality' developers working on making a full fledged 737 MAX or 787 Dream liner. I heard a Rumor that PMDG maybe making the 737 MAX, Is this true? Also, can you recommend any 737/787 addons? (Payware or Freeware, if any) Is it possible that these addons can be of the same quality as PMDG or higher? (If possible ) Thanks Alot, Commandhat17 / AJ
  9. Darn, ok thanks. when will all the service packs and when will the 300ER release?
  10. Ah. Is there any word on a 300ER version?
  11. Ok, so as FloG mentioned above the PMDG 777 will be released in June. Is this true? If so is there a Asia specific store that might be a little cheaper on the shipping?. And how can I access the SP's are they provided with the product?. Also is there a 300ER expansion pack? I've heard many rumors but I don't know if it's true. Pardon my Ignorance Thanks, AJ
  12. Ok so I'm new to flight planning and stuff and I'm starting to getting around the PMDG. I have created a plan using the Flight Sim Commander, but I'm not sure which routes are what.. (like what is the SID or Transition here) how would I know which is the VIA and which is the TO? I have planned a flight from Delhi to Mumbai (India) Here's a pic: Can you help me Plan this into the FMC? Thanks, AJ.
  13. Hello, Avsim! I'd like to request the Qatar Airways Livery and Airbus House Livery for both the A330 300 and A300 - 600 by Thomas Ruth. (Also, can you show me how I install these extra liveries, I'm new to this ) Thanks, AJ
  14. Thanks I will. But your link leads no where (why am I having so much trouble getting this?)
  15. Can you provide an alternate link or upload to Mega.co? The Library is not letting me register properly causing me to not be able to download
  16. Ok thanks, I've looked around for a proper working A330 300, and the ones I get are all broken. Can you provide a full working link?
  17. I'm mainly looking for a A330 300 Airbus House, and Qatar Airways.. I was wondering if I get my hands on the A330 300, is anyone willing to do retexture/repaints.. I have the A340 - 600 by Thomas Ruth, it is indeed good. Better than most Payware. Those are good suggestions, I will look into them. I'm interested in the BBS A330, but I will wait for them to be finished. They are somewhat good, my only complaint would be the low quality Model and the flat buttons.
  18. Hello, I was just wondering Whether anyone could recommend the best Airbuses (Prefably A321, A330, A340,A350) Available? Either Payware or Freeware. I was looking for Thomas Ruth's A330 300 with Airbus House Livery but can't find, can anyone possibly link me to that? Thanks. I have the Wilco A330 - 300, but the Model Isn't that good, and the VC has flat buttons.. Thanks, AJ
  19. I went to the Flight Store, seems that PMDG 777 isn't available, as I was looking for that. Yeah they have CoD (Cash on Delivery), but's quite expensive.. 48$ for shipping? In my country, they ship for less than 5$ Is there any Asia specific stores that cost less? especially for the 777? I suppose, but I prefer CoD anyway.
  20. Possibly, since it's the only online store I trust. or It be better if I'd get it off Cash On Delivery.
  21. It's good, but where I live I don't have/use paypal. I was just wondering when they would come on CD, so I could bye them off amazon..
  22. So I've been going PMDG's site for days now and when I keep looking at the CD ROM Products section, it says it's empty. does anyone have an Idea when they can come to CD? I don't really want to pay by credit card.. it's kinda unsafe.
  23. Thanks, downloading that. I tried out 777, the VC is not fully functional, (Like the VNAV buttons or anything is not clickable) and there is only one Livery. Again, something 99% close to PMDG (as long as it's free). Thanks anyway, it's better than most 777's available.
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