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  1. kenneth mockford

    unable to transfer the camera data across to system (my other PC)

    1 created the Everyone user group and have allocated Full Control yes 2 Full Control allocated along with file sharing etc. to both the OpusFSX folders and the FSX install folder yes 3 hared both the OpusFSX and FSX install drives on ALL systems using the same drive letter and not renamed them or labelled them yes 4 installed in OpusFSX on both PC 5 checked to see if this file is being copied across onto your client system after pressing Save Cameras or the OK button I do not know how to do this I press the button and it gives an error 6 Have you assigned the correct aircraft type to the client view yes 7 Have you declared the view as Default so that it is displayed automatically yes
  2. Hi I just purchased Opusfsx and for the life of me I cannot get it to save camera views on other PC. I have read the manual about 10 times given up twice. Now I am desperate. Please don't tel me that me sharing options are wrong or that the firewall is an issue or if av apps will stop it. it is a i7pc with only windows7 64bit and FSX acceleration and then OPUSfsx on it. all I want is camera views on my side windows not to complicated . Please tell me how I can get the info from opusfsx and put it in my camera file. I have one window working but I cannot load the second i can switch between the views and do every thing else. where do I get the cam file and how do i get the second window open Regards Kenneth