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  1. ankido

    Few corrections in Tutorial 1

    Great, here comes the parade of "egghead imbecile's". I should introduce you to my Berkeley grad friend. You would think he's a moron on the Internet. In public, he would make you look stupid(er). Listen you unfriendly, mingy little twit. This is not the educational system we joined for ENGRISH and GRAMAUR. We are simply here for talking about Flight Simulation. If you feel super about yourself correcting grammar on the Internet, by all means get yourself a new life. That was very rude of you. I don't like you. I will not like you. Because of you, I will not post in these forums. Next time, use better people skills. I don't care how many posts you have or how long you've been here. Your title still says member. Unless a moderator tells me otherwise and locks this thread, your job is to...shhhhhhhhhh. Don't judge until you really know. I have edgamacation bro. Good day sir!!!
  2. PMDG-737NGX Tutorial 1 page 30 You said 'Press the DEL key at the bottom of the CDU and then press LSK 6R to remove the speed and altitude restrictions'. You need to correct this sentence. It's not LSK 6R, it's LSK 5R. Also, you stated during pre check landing you want us to set the landing minimums by "clicking the outer EFIS control panel MINS knob to its RADIO setting then turning the smaller inner knob down to 100 feet radio altitude". I do not understand where the EFIS is and where to make the change or the knob. Correct me if I'm wrong. Isn't the EFIS where the BARO, CTR, RST and STD buttons are? I don't see what you are talking about. Thank you and great tutorial. Edit: Got it! RST knob.