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  1. I'm new to fsx maybe i pressed something that locked it foward?? At the moment yes it is the default fsx 737-800. On departure... the gear does in fact work... On landing it just wont turn. Edit: I've done some research and it is a bug from loading a fsx flight that you've saved before a landing. ( what i did. ) This bug is caused by the default 737 FSUIPC. I'm moving on to PMDG now since I've got basics down. Thanks all for trying to help in general.
  2. What I mean is, after landing it wont turn... when departed it was taxing fine.
  3. I'm trying to taxi my B737-800 ( done before ), but for some reason I cannot turn the front gear when I twist my joystick. ( only turns rudder but the plane does not turn nor does the front gear ) How do I unlock the front gear to turn?