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  1. When I opened dll.xml there was no command for IVAO when I added it under fsuipc nothing happens. Actually this problem accurs with every addon when ı add the command to dll.xml nothing happens It doesnt see my addon
  2. Hello everyone, I've updated P3D to 2.5 and installed IVAO (the latest version) but ı can't see IVAO in Addon Menu especially ı can't see any of my addons in addon menu except fsuipc.
  3. OK. This problem has nothing with DX10. I got this problem at dx9 too.You can buy dx10 fixer. But what should I do you can see that fsx uses %99 cpu . I haven't installed any 3rd party product yet and NO TWEAK . the graphics at its worst . Normally I was getting 100-200 fps but when cpu starts to use %100 , FPS drops to 35.Also I haven't got this issue on P3D V2 .
  4. okay thank you both. there's new version so I don't need to use migration tool. the update is worked for me thanks again.
  5. Hİ everyone I want to use ezdok camera in p3d v2 . I used freeware russian migration toll (ı don't think it is illegal ) and everything was fine except middle mouse button I can't use middle mouse button instead I put a key for that for exmp. "Home" when I press home button it works but I can't move it with my middle mouse button. what sould I do thanks Berke
  6. I don't know. I disabled dx10 everything was normal and then I 've enabled it again the same problem I will keep using dx9.I will write if I find the solution.
  7. I don't think so I 've disabled dx10 and now it's good
  8. hello everyone, system: AMD FX 8350 4.5 GHz (TUBO CORE) ASUS M5A97 R2.0 GSKİLL 8GB 1866 MHz------2004Mhz GTX 750 Ti I have a problem. My fsx uses %100 of my cpu (all 8 cores %100) then fps drops. for example: (aircrafts and airport don't make any change ı'm having this issue with different aircrafts and in different airports) I started a flight at AEROSOFT EHAM with pmdg 738 I was getting avarage 23 fps(fsx is using approx. %15 cpu but after 2-3 Minutes fps dropped to 13 fps I checked the task manager and all 8 cores was %100 and fsx was using %99 of my cpu I also tested with and without affinity mask=254 tweak but no change What should I do thanks BERKE
  9. stans / firehawk44/Markw thank you very much I read everything in the guide (and understood although I have a bad english :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ) and implemented and I had more fps increase than bojote's guide thanks again
  10. Hello everyone I have a small about bojote's tweaker. The question is [What type of video card do you have?] Choices : a: gtx 400 (low-end) b: gtx 480 or better I have nvidia gtx 750 ti ftw My card is worse than gtx 480 (someone said that) but I dont think that my card low end which choice should I choose? Thanks very much Berke
  11. OK thank you very much I was loading Perf Inıt Page Automatic (By requesting perf ınıt from fmc) and the value of reserve fuel was 8.8 (higher than projected fuel at destination airport) I set it lower . everything is good now.
  12. Hello everyone I have insufficient fuel message on eicas and in fmc I'm using FSACİTONS-FUEL page for loading fuel .(FMC) I loaded enough fuel and when I prepare before start procedure I got that message (insufficient fuel) then I checked (Legs--RTE data) and saw that I will have 7.7 tons of fuel at destination airport.(plenty of fuel) What should I do ? Thanks for answers Berke Karakın
  13. And I want to add an important thing. Don't set your scenery compelxity too high , dense is OK I set it extremely dense ı was getting 15-20 fps then I set it to dense and I'm getting 24-30 FPS with ORBX FTX GLOBAL + VECTOR +OPENCL EUROPE +REX+TAXI2GATE LTBA+AİRBUS X/PMDG 737/PMDG 777
  14. thanks I used airport elevation correction of FTX GLOBAL VECTOR configuration tool and everything i s fine thanks jürgen martins
  15. Hello Tatave You are right I checked the temps and the proccessor was 50 C at idle :o :o I changed my thermal paste and the temps are OK thank you very much.
  16. Hello everyone first my computer is : AMD FX 8350 4.0GHz GTX 750 Ti GSKİLL 8 gb 1866MHz 650W PSU ASUS M5A97 R 2.0 First ı was getting 20-30 fps then I reinstalled windows and now I'm getting only 20 fps not more Fps is locked to 20 It 's not dropping as well. I didn't installed any third party products except pmdg 777&737ng .And the strange thing when I overclock the cpu to 5.0ghz fps drops to 10-15 fps.I'm using xxxxx's guide.I'm using nvidia inspector too. How can I get rid of this annoyig problem? sorry ı opened two same topics due my bad internet I refreshed forum two times sorry again.
  17. OK thank you very much I reinstalled WİNDOWS and it works fine. I had to backup my registry whatever it works fine now
  18. yes it set to English-US I read manual and I think it's registry problem.I a registry program maybe it damaged fs2crew I will reinstall fsx or I will reinstall windows
  19. Hello everyone I installed fs2crew for pmdg 737 and I enabled te voice control but in game when I opened menu the voice button was off(disabled) and ı couldn't set that to on I also all buttons aren't working (audio test,cabin announcements etc.) What should I do ? I have installed Realtek Hd audio driver 2.72 (not 2.75 because it causes pc freeze) speech recognition works fine I can give commands . Berke
  20. Hello everyone I can’t reach Scenery Libary it says”area xxx already exists” I think ı’ve solved it using another programs but after ı had installed Taxi2Gate LTBA scenery http://imageshack.com/a/img912/1569/A2gKgM.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img907/8955/49pT7X.png http://imageshack.com/a/img673/6151/vgZxTu.jpg http://imageshack.com/a/img537/4199/sGW6Ln.jpg this happens
  21. OK finally ıve solved it I downloaded orbx global vector 1.20 update from the internet and updated finally the water textures are back.I want to thank everyone who wrote comments in this topic.
  22. I disabled vector than fsx crashed (Im using windows 8.1 64 bit) the issue isn't only near the Istanbul in this pictures you can see near TCNM (princess jualiana airport) the brown and green places must be water
  23. Hello everyone after I installed ORBX GLOBAL VECTOR I started a flight at LTBA airport after departure I can't see the boshphorus and ı was surprised then I flew to Marmara see and again no water only sand.I flew near oceans too but nothing changed . Instead water textures there was only sand (Land texture).I have ORBX GLOBAL VECTOR 1.15 Im now installing 1.20 but it is 5GB if I install 1.20 ,will it be OK?
  24. Do anyone know how to make that ? I want to change TSS with PMDG sounds
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