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  1. Just stating the obvious here, but nobody should be trying to access the links in the original 2015 post. Those are long outdated and have been removed from my MediaFire account. Use the torrent links for FreeMeshX Global 2.0. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/dp3jea2njub01/FreeMeshX_Global_2.0
  2. Still seeing healthy amounts of seeding. You guys are great for keeping the original torrents seeded and alive!
  3. SRTM 90 -- yeah, that's not as high res as it can go. FreeMeshX is higher res, but I can imagine they don't want the install/download size to be huge. So still relevant!
  4. I need to update the billing information for my webhost. Until it is back up -- you can find the .torrent links here. https://www.mediafire.com/folder/dp3jea2njub01/FreeMeshX_Global_2.0 Daniel
  5. No, you do not need any products to use the mesh. I just recommend Vectors b/c that adjusts airports and water body information to better align with the mesh.
  6. Honestly, not sure. I haven't tried v5 yet. I need to see what they're using for their source data. I'll pick up a monthly dev license to see what we're dealing with and to get my hands on that beautiful A2A Connie once more.
  7. I'm alive and well. Thanks for your thoughts. I've just been away from the ESP platform the last year or so -- outside of a rare A2A Connie flight. If I do occasionally sim, it's usually in the world of X-Plane (pretty nice sim). With MSFS being announced, and so far wowing me personally, I am starting to itch to get back into flight simulation, and there are still some outstanding artifacts present in the mesh that I'd like to clean up. They have just not been high priority for me since I earned my doctorate and took my life in a new direction (now in Texas). I do want to get a FreeMeshX Global patch out for those remaining (known) artifacts. Hopefully the holidays will give me some time to think about it and locate these artifacts. It would be nice to open these old scripts I wrote for the data cleanup for nostalgia's stakes. I probably will not be able to see to completion my ambitions for the USA mesh. They were technically possible, but a huge challenge to implement -- now that challenge is becoming more attractive but I've likely waited too long. I am almost certain MSFS will steal the show, return Microsoft to its former glory, and the need for my replacement mesh will no longer be necessary. Anyways, thanks for the kind thoughts. I hope FreeMeshX has been serving the community well in my absence, and heck there may even be an update for Christmas (seriously, no promises -- but it would be nice to get a fresh update out)
  8. Yeah, this thread had run its course on page 1. It's pointless to tell people how they should spend their cash. I don't see anything coming out of this conversation except for a few embarrassments.
  9. It's a free market. The whole FSX/P3D scene has gone towards monetization and hasn't looked back. If the 3rd party aftermarket implodes, then that shows how unhealthy our scene actually is without the strong freeware core it once had. At least with X-Plane, the freeware scene is alive and thriving, driven by a passion for the hobby rather than profit margins, and wouldn't necessarily collapse. If a bunch of payware developers turn belly up as a result, then that's the market at work. If MSFS is a word not allowed-fest, then the payware market will likely rebound (assuming it declines at all by people holding out on purchasing). That's the invisible hand at work. I personally won't shed a tear if the whole scene goes under. That's business.
  10. Wow, pneumonia is no joke. Glad you are doing better. It may be possible to upload it to the File Library. I have installers for each continent that are broken up into parts, similar to how ORBX use to distribute their products, and the max file size is about 2 GB for each part. If the File Library can support such large parts, then I will consider uploading it because I know some people can't wrap their heads around bit torrent or worse their ISPs are severely restrictive and throttle bit torrent traffic, even for legal to redistribute products like FreeMeshX. Take it easy in the meantime. I'm sipping on some orange juice and watching some evening ice hockey. Cheers!
  11. LPMI looks perfect from my end. But this is with FTX Vectors installed.
  12. @idude Results will vary depending on the terrain. The USA mesh is LOD12 which has 16X the data density than the stock mesh, so the improvements should definitely show in rocky terrain. If you can't spot any differences whatsoever, then it may not be properly enabled in the Scenery Library, a problem as old as time itself. Here's an older video I took of some part of the Rockies in 2017 when I was testing results. https://gfycat.com/SnoopyShockingAbyssiniancat
  13. I put my thoughts down on it after personally trying it in 2016.
  14. The distribution costs of serving 50 GB of files to a user at a time are huge. That's like NetFlix serving a viewer 10 feature-length films. Obviously, the demand for FreeMeshX is not NetFlix-levels, but even a tiny fraction of that demand is cost-prohibitive. Bit-torrent is designed for transferring large files while distributing the costs of bandwidth onto the P2P network. It's basically tailor-made to be the solution for things like FreeMeshX. Without bit torrent, FreeMeshX probably couldn't exist.
  15. Hi Jim, Thanks for asking about me. You're very kind. I am okay. Well, actually I'm battling the flu at the moment, but otherwise, good! I haven't been active with flight simulation much the past year because of my new job and other projects going on, but I'm still maintaining the latest release of FreeMeshX. Distribution costs of such a large database are huge, but I've been renting a serverbox for $15/month for the past 4 years to distribute it via bit torrent. That still adds up to be a lot of money, but hey it's good for the community to have a freeware option for their mesh needs.
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