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  1. It may depend on the addon, but I can't recall having a problem with prop textures. Is it in external or internal views or both? That being said, I'm on the latest version for quite some time now and can't crosscheck.
  2. If the crash on exit bothers you, you can use an older version of Reshade which doesn't show the problem. I need to be at my PC to be sure, but I think it's 3.0.4. But apart from not crashing on exit, it's not better or worse than the current build.
  3. You can also try Reshade. Here is a comparison of a scenery view with and without Reshade using subtle settings. You can boost contrast and saturation much more if you like. Scenery view without/with Reshade:
  4. Copied, thanks Tony! So I'll stick with HD Mesh as is.
  5. Is it only overlays to be used on top of photoreal scenery, or can it also be used to enhance the stock scenery and/or HD Mesh v3/v4? I always thought that HD Mesh already had OSM based object placement?
  6. It's just the same as with every new/different aircraft. Do a couple of flights with it, and it will be just as easy (or logical) to use as any Boeing or Airbus. In FSX, I used to fly nothing but the Maddog for months. After that, every Boeing or Airbus felt weird. So it's just what you're used to.
  7. Not entirely wrong though, Queenstown is lying by the Southern Alps
  8. Yes, it's Mike Wilsons Solent, available at the .org store.
  9. BTW, Ortho4xp can also create photoreal scenery without any objects. Just don't select any scenery in the overlay section when creating the tiles. Of course you also need to remove/disable/set to a lower priority any overlay sceneries for that region. Yuo can now turn your objects all the way up in order to see everything at airports, but you won't have any houses, trees, roads etc. over your photoreal tiles. But keep in mind that lights are bound to objects, so you won't see any lights in cities or along streets at night when you remove those!
  10. If you wait long enough, we'll probably cover the entire globe with our answers Seriously, it's highly subjective and everybody has it's own preferences, although most simmers seem to fly somewhere in North America or Europe. I prefer the western US (with Alaska) and western Canada and I fly over HD Mesh v3/v4 since I recently stopped using orthos.
  11. It's the same with every X-Plane update (beta or non-beta) . Some people report having major performance issues, some people report having major performance gains, others report seeing no change at all. And all of them are right, because it's too dependent on the system, settings and addons/plugins in use. One thing you should always do when updating X-Plane is to delete the preferences and let X-Plane build new ones. Yes, wou will have to do the settings again, but that has been one major trigger for issues in the past.
  12. Let's hope so I was on a little spending spree over the weekend... Mustang Spitfire A-10C Huey Mi-8 Viggen NTTR map Normandy map Some campaigns Don't tell my wife. Like - seriously - DON'T tell my wife! Looking forward to 2.5 and the updated Caucasus map!
  13. Thanks guys! I think Ill give DCS a try then.
  14. Thank you for your detailed answer, José! While it's true that IL-2 seems to offer more for the money, I am a bit put off by the fact that in IL-2 we can't seem to have full control over ervery aircraft system. OTOH, the warthog is much too modern for my taste but it's the only true ground attack aircraft in DCS at the moment...
  15. I am thinking of giving DCS or IL-2 a try. I am not interested in multiplayer action and I also don't care about air-to-air combat. DCS with the A-10C seems to be an obvious choice when it comes to ground attack action, and there are many missions and campaigns available. However, I like the old planes more, that's why I'm also looking into IL-2. Are there enough single-player ground attack type aircraft and campaigns included or available as addons? How is the aircraft and systems modeilng in IL-2 compared to DCS?