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  1. You could ask for support in the developer's forum:
  2. Users which want to try the Beta without losing their stable version can just copy their X-Plane folder (you can symlink to big Custom Sceneries like Orthos), and then update that Copy to the Beta. But please double check, that the installer is pointing to the copy. It's most likely pointing to the "original" as default.
  4. Yes, you can use Navigraph Charts with the moving map feature on a separate machine in the same network, as long as SimLink is running on the X-Plane machine. You can also use the Charts app on a Tablet or Phone. This guide should answer most questions:
  5. I don't know if X-Plane 11 introduced a command for this, there was none in XP10 and I never looked for that funtion. But there's plugin you can use: Pressing CTRL+SHIFT+B toggles between the current QNH and 29.92
  6. mgeiss

    Guimbal Cabri G2
  7. The default folder is /Output/FMS plans inside the X-Plane 10/11 installation folder. So it's not a fixed path on every system, but depends on where the user installed X-Plane. Your app either needs an option to let the user point to his/her X-Plane path, or you need to parse the installation path from the file x-plane_install_11.txt or x-plane_install_10.txt in the user's AppData/Local directory. These files are also present on Linux and Mac installations:
  8. mgeiss

    777X new boeing plane

    while watching Netflix on the second screen.
  9. mgeiss

    Everest Park 3D

    They did Monument Valley, it's available through Orbx Direct:
  10. From a painter's perspective that might be true. For me, the availability of repaints is of no significance for making the decison to buy the addon or not, and in my experience people are looking at other things first (3D model, systems, flight model etc.).
  11. Try it, I think it's wortht it. When I switched to X-Plane 4 or 5 years ago, one of the things that immediately impressed me was the ease of view controls. Being able to look around in the cockpit with the mouse without having to use two hands (another for the space bar), and having the option to quickly access 10 (now 20 in XP11) freely configurable cockpit views per aircraft without needing an addon like EZDOK were the biggest "wow" factors. 😊
  12. mgeiss

    xpuipc problem

    Normally the localhost IP should work. Now comes the odd part: If the message still occurs, you can increase the 1, restart X-Plane and repeat until it goes away. I don't know why and in which thread I read that trick, but when I was using XPUIP, I had to use for the message to disappear.
  13. mgeiss

    Throttles & Prop

    Also, with constant speed props, when you want to... ...increase engine power (e.g. climb) you first set the new RPM then the new MP. Readjust if necessary. ...decrease engine power (e.g. descent) you first set the new MP then the new RPM. Readjust if necessary.
  14. No worries and thank you for considering it! Feel free to request any info when you can find the time.
  15. Would you consider adding support for Aerowinx PSX to Little Navmap? It should be not too complicated to implement, as PSX is able to send every variable needed (lat, long, alt, trk etc.) unencrypted over the network. I would be happy to beta-test and provide additional info if needed.