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  1. True Pascal performance isn't actually known yet, especially in P3D. Few folks here are money no object buyers who usually have SLI Titan X, and for them cashing $700 (they'll likely get founder edition) for 20% performance at best is sound strategy. For people with limited sources, like myself, who wants to maximize their purchase value, this round isn't feasible because it's way overpriced. And for the Vidia's VR, their past performance was horrendous. Pascal experience has yet to be seen, for now we only have marketing slideshow. What could have greater impact on P3D experience is Lockheed Martin to introduce Dx12 and some kind of async compute (along with much awaiting x64), but it's no small task and likely not in near future.
  2. This round of NVidia's GPUs aren't worth it as replacement for 980, 980ti or Titan X. Anyone who want's to upgrade those cards should wait for the big die at the end of the year. Also, for anyone really interested for VR, don't you know that AMD solutions are much superior than NVidia's? If you want VR now, Radeon 390X or Fury is the way to go, but truly superior solution should came also at the end of the year with Vega.