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  1. Ok, I have to apologize. The mistake was on my side. In the registration mail i put a "-" in front of the number. Now with a new try, i got a working key and can enjoy RCv4 now. Sorry for the inconvinience.
  2. Hi Ron,, thanks for your help. Unfortunately, I can rule out, that there is a mistake typing out the key. I tried to copy it several times from the e-mail, always taking care of not including spaces and i tried to type it in by hand as well. Nothing worked for me. During installation and startup of the program, I only got the message, that my FSUIPC is newer, than the one included in RCv4.
  3. Hello, sorry for hijacking this thread, but i got exactly the same problem. I reinstalled RCv4 today and received my key within a short time, but as i tried to enter it, the program won't start and the registration window closes after a few seconds. In Taskmanager, the program is also closed after a few seconds. Is there any workaround, that could get my installation working? With kind regards, Martin