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  1. thelastskypirate

    MJC Q400 Repaint Thread

    My thoughts exactly! I'm not overly impressed with their paint pack. It's, well... You said it! Like I said, we can flex on the livery. Colors palette must be the same. A retro theme with a red tail would be just as acceptable. A nicely meshed logo and associated markings would be great.
  2. thelastskypirate

    MJC Q400 Repaint Thread

    I'm totally in the same boat.
  3. thelastskypirate

    MJC Q400 Repaint Thread

    Our VA needs a Ravn Alaska livery for the Q400. We've adopted it to accomodate AS/QX routes, and as a likely replacement as a 50 seat combi. If there are technical difficulties, we can flex with a livery that comes close. Looking for registration N894EA, up through N897EA if feeling ambitious.
  4. thelastskypirate

    MJC Q400 Repaint Thread

    To All! I need a repaint for a VA. It does not have to be exceptional, but I lack the familiarity and proper programs to do it myself. If you aren't doing it as simply a hobby, I'm more than willing to compensate for an acceptable result. And will reward handsomely if there is love in the project. Please get back when able!