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  1. Hi all! I know this is an old post, however, since 5 years have elapsed, I was wondering if there was any update regarding the Failures: Reserved feature. Cheers
  2. Oh sweet! That's great to hear. Any chances of adding it to other aircraft?
  3. Many aircraft such as PMDG and FSLabs have the option to connect an ASU in the event of an inop APU. Is it possible to maybe add an airstart procedure in the case of an inop APU? I myself have performed airstarts on 737s when I worked the ramp so I have a general idea of how its performed on a 737.
  4. I just leave it as custom pushback (face "direction") But I am glad to hear that this can be replicated! 😄
  5. After creating a custom pushback route out of gate C39 at Flightbeam Denver, I couldn't get out of the editor. When ever I would click anywhere after "creating" my custom route, it would go right back into the birds eye view. I clicked on "minimize" something and then my screen in the sim went completely black and does not recover. Restarting the sim is the only thing that fixes it. I am on the latest UGCX version on P3D v4.5 with the hot fix.
  6. I installed P3Dv4.4, but never actually tested. I recently did a full reinstall of 4.4 and treated myself to the new PMDG 747-8 and actually got to test FS2Crew and it works just fine.
  7. Ok its working now. I guess V4.4 was required lol. Thanks for the help.
  8. There is an addon conflicting with 4.4 and I am unsure of which one it is. Pete, I do know how to update P3D, that is not the issue. The issue is something is not allowing it. I've read that the FSLabs A320 or 319 could be part of the issue but I have yet to look into it. I'm not going to post here wanting support on how to update lol, so I will just keep it at that.
  9. I am having issues with updating to 4.4. Any way I can get it to work with 4.3?
  10. I read previous topics on this but all the stuff the support staff suggested didn't work. I am on the latest version of both the 747 and FS2Crew. I still use P3Dv4.3 so I am not sure if version 1.3 of FS2Crew for the 747 or even 747 itself requires v4.4. This has worked in the past with no issues until now.
  11. So recently, I have run into this weird an annoying bug where if I go into the FMC and change certain things on the aircraft such as equipment used, callouts etc, the aircraft goes completely dark and I cannot restore power since I cannot turn on the battery at all. The only way to regain power is to cheat and force the FMC on by holding the 'Menu' button. From there I have to cycle the default states until the fire alarm stops which says I have an engine fire and that can't be removed even in the failures page. This was before a clean reinstall of P3Dv4, and this is on the latest version on the PMDG 737NGX which is version 1.20.8885 for the base 8/900 and for the 6/700 it is 1.20.8465 and it happens with both products. If anyone has experience this and figured out a fix, let me know :)
  12. Alt-Tab isn't working for me. I am on 0.4.101 and even the previous version and still doesn't work.
  13. I'll give that a go whenever it happens. Thanks Keven!
  14. This is a rather frustrating issue. When I first spawn in, the camera will either work or it won't. I can still use the middle mouse to pan and look around and even use the hat switch but any marked keys that are assigned to a view do not work. Its honestly hit or miss. I have tried reinstalling and messing with the Experimental Versions tab but hasn't done much. When changing to exterior I have CTRL + another key and when it is working, I will click the one key to fly around the vc but it will change to the exterior view. P3Dv4.1, v0.4.77 beta of Chaseplane, NO EZCA what so ever.
  15. Posted this on Facebook. Turns out I'm not the only one. Link to post: https://www.facebook.com/groups/p3dgroup/permalink/1363947666975409/?comment_id=1364999070203602&reply_comment_id=1365009820202527&notif_t=group_comment_reply&notif_id=1497580559292182 This first occurred to me on my second 777 flight on P3Dv4 when I landed at CDG. Speed was 137, Flaps 25 and autobrakes set to level 1. I was landing on 26L. FPM according to ProjectFly was -195. Upon touchdown, I began the normal rollout procedure. Reverse thrust, maintain the centre line etc. When suddenly my aircraft began to slow rapidly until it came to a full stop. I have the gear page open whenever I and taking off or landing to monitor my landing gear. It showed that all main gear were at 10.0 degrees and tires deflated. Picture can be found on the post. Follow the link above. From what I have read on the Facebook post, this must be a bug and not a mechanical issue with the aircraft.
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