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  1. I have just purchased Radar Contact 4.3, after downloaded i am having a "Run Time Error 75" Radar Contact.FSUIPC.RV4code after pressing the RUN button. Radar Contact then stops working not sure how to fix this any help would be much appreciated. Regards Terence.
  2. I just installed FSX.SE, i had issues with addons but have resolved the problem(s), i now and have had issues with screen flashing and hesitating from the beginning i have re-installed FSX.SE five times thinking it would help no luck......these are the things i have noticed, every time i use my mouse (Synaptics Pointing Device) or external mouse (Corsiar) in the cockpit to do anything from altitude,speed,course change ect. when i use the left mouse button that seems to activate the flashing ect, (after 10-15 secs) it settles the more i use that button the longer the issue will last, when i use my right mouse button i can do anything from altitude adjustment from 100 ft to 30000 ft with no issues even if i clicked the mouse fast, i also see the (NOT RESPONDING) flashing next to the FSX logo on the top left of the screen, also the FSX logo in the taskbar will flash and move (slide) to the right and the will move (slide) back when flashing stops, when using the joystick say to activate auto pilot i see the little finger on the hand move (like giving me the finger) not sure if that is relevant. I would appreciate any help in this matter as i would like to get flying again. Thank you in advance. Cheers Terry.
  3. I had issues with not being able to get my gauges working on my 737/777 its good now after installing simmconnect files, but i still have issues with the flashing of my screen and i see the (not resoponding) starting to flash on the top left screen, i have tried asking the Steam community with no answers. I have installed PMDG 737/777, FSUIPC,EZDOK,GSX with Couatl add on manager, if anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Cheers Terry. I just downloaded FSX.SE three days ago.and used all the above add-ons from my previous FSX Gold Edition have not simmed for about a year and at that time i had no issues, all the add-ons and aircraft are regesterd products.
  4. No Gauges

    Hello All, Just got back into flight sim, i had to install fsxse my fsxgold edition kept crashing, i have installed all my PMDG aircraft (737-777) and my Quality Wings (757) with no issues, i then installed Ezdok, add on manager first no problem, then i installed GSX, FSUPC, Couatl settings and update thats when i had the issue with no gauges on my 737 and 777, i still have the gauges on my 757, can someone help with this situation, i do keep getting a message at the start up that pmdg\dlls\pmdgsoundsdll should not be allowed to run and should contact fsinsider.com.all my products are regestered so i can delete and re-install, any help would be appreciated. Regards Terry.