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  1. Note the FSUIPC version installed by the QW installer is a very old version, likely not compatible with V3. DO NOT allow the installer to overwrite your existing FSUIPC version. If you did, then yes, you need to install the latest version again.
  2. The QW146 Dispatcher doesn't work, but everything else seems OK here.
  3. And pray tell HOW is a user to make an informed decision without discussion ? The prohibitions are clear for all to see. The pro's and cons utterly invisible unless discovered and debated. In any case this topic is about `V3 Developer Updated software`, which kind of implies that it IS supported, eh ? Perhaps you could contribute in a more appropriate discussion and stay out of this one unless you have some `developer updated software` to alert us to ? Thank you very much. Meanwhile, on-topic: Flysimware updated their installer for the Mitsubishi Mu-2 to 1.8, now containing a direct V3 install option. Seems to work a treat in P3D v3.
  4. 60 days... http://www.prepar3d.com/support/refundpolicy/
  5. Only the variants that require a new installer alone. They still need to modify the objectflow .dlls and that just isn't as easy.
  6. Putting 133 addons into v3 without KNOWING they will work is not just asking for trouble, it's GUARANTEEING it. But it's comforting for Dougal to know Christopher will be around to bail him out when he screws everything up. Because I won't, and I doubt Erich will either. If you don't take the `be conservative` advice, don't expect help from those who advocate it when you don't. Particularly if self-confessed, `non-expert`. You may recall my not-so-near neighbour who I assisted with a v3 Prof install. He stuffed stuff into his sim despite my best advice. Saw him at the Club briefly at the weekend. Hasn't had a working sim since Day Three after installation. Not my problem. Lesson learned. V3 MUST be treated as a whole new sim, it's the similarities that are causing most of the problems, NOT the differences.
  7. I don't `think` so. I go by the developers guidance and the selling website information. If it doesn't SAY P3D V3 then it isn't. That probably rules out 123 of your addons, right there. Simple
  8. Not difficult. Latest UTX versions install into all sim versions. GEX separate purchase.
  9. Changes made for v3 may cause issues with certain addons. We recommend only using v3-compliant addons with v3. BTW, you would have to re-purchase the PMDG. Other than that, P3D v3 is a major step forward.
  10. Helpful. Try this: as you start the takeoff roll, add some down elevator - the intent is to `pin` the nosewheel to the runway and may stop the turn - but many aircraft exhibit left or right turn tendencies IRL. Perhaps quote a specific instance, provide full controller and hardware information and maybe someone could actually help in any further posts.
  11. Well, that's the exact opposite of the left pull being discussed here ! Run through the same checks as here ? Disabled all the controller axes in the sim and set them only through FSUIPC ? That is going to be an issue for many simmers until L-M fix it.
  12. If you have HDR on you can also try turning it off, or using the sliders to adjust the colour and tone specifically for night time - just remember to save the display settings before you do so - call it `Day`, then when you have a setting you are comfortable with, save that as `Night` and then you can quickly switch between the two.
  13. It's also a rolled-out auto update from FTX Central V2 itself - picked it up last night. Just run FTX Central v2 and it will do it all for you.
  14. Me too, if they use some `offsite` storage and texture replacement practice (as both the above do) then it will be necessary for a reinstall or fallback option to restore original files in order for updates to install properly, for troubleshooting purposes or simply to avoid duplication (which only one of the above currently does). There's no intrinsic difficulty storing information/files outside the core structure, but when those files change the core structure by supplanting on a like-for-like or name-for-name basis, then there is going to have to be a reversion capability.
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