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  1. Possibly, as it works at a per-pixel level. It won't eliminate it, but it might make it less distracting for you.
  2. Most tweaks do nothing, or provide advantage only in the single case. What L-M have done with V3 is remove all primary need for tweaking. There are exceptions. If your installation meets those requirements then tweaking will be an option. But still not a necessity. Or even a good idea in most cases.
  3. Very unusual, suggesting either something physically going wrong - overheating or inadequate power supply spring to mind. But I would start with a clean, fresh install of the latest drivers for the card. Use DDU to properly clean the drivers from your system before reinstalling. http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html Finally, for best results you should provide full system details. Who knows whether the crash is actually caused by the driver, or something else that is crashing the driver ? Please show the crash message. We need system details in full, also details of any addons you may have tried to install so far. For example, FSUIPC needs a v3-specific version that is NOT the same as that for 2.5 but we don't know if you have this installed or not. Without this information all you can get are random suggestions.
  4. Volumetric fog is a function of the weather engine, not the texture. If there are issues then its probably best to take it up with the weather engine creater. As I recall, any change in Volumetric Fog settings in a single sim session Opus requires the weather engine or the sim to be re-started. It's covered if you Read Their Fine Manual. At least the last version I used. That might be the cause of any issues ?
  5. Perhaps because it is the first of the products that actually need files changed to actually work in v3..? Objectflow, peopleflow and other .dlls need recompiling, perhaps it's the same for all, many or some of the Vector elements ? And so long? Er, you do remember P3D V3 only hit the streets 26 days ago ?
  6. The library installs the latest version of FTX Central, so fahgeddabahtid. Just run it last. But as you are reinstalling it would be useful to update to the latest installers - which include FTX Central 2 anyway. ALWAYS run the library files last, after any install. You can't know whether any of the products use earlier versions of textures or files, so always last and then run FTX Central to make sure they're implemented correctly. So the methodology goes: Install Global run Central, which runs automatically anyway. Install Libraries Re-run FTX Central, re-select the Global and Apply Go fly ! As you add the Regional products you will then get the option to choose from the FTX Central utility. Use that same process and always install the libraries, then run FTX Central to make our selection and you're golden. It's a very good idea to install one at a time, checking each installation in the sim. Finally FTX Central now includes an automated library checker that will prompt you for all future version AND library updates, and saves time by only d/l the files that actually change. Hope this helps
  7. Actually very realistic, as any real pilot will tell you - atmospherics and obfuscation, along with imperfect windscreen optics. Nowhere near as annoying as the limited view distance for lights appearing, unless made unrealistically large in pixel-terms. For ASN, use a larger vis range and/or a larger cloud setting. Assuming your card can take it.
  8. SSD's for me, with a TB HDD as backup and repository. In addition to less noise and almost no heat, one of the greatest advantages of the SSD is a smaller footprint inside the case, meaning you can optimise airflow over the GPU and CPU - I added another fan in the space saved. A stacked SSD setup takes up less space than a single HD, and a lot less power. In order of priority use of SSD should be as follows: 1: OS - by FAR the best use of the SSD is to put Windows on it. 2: P3D - basic installation - just the default Then, as the SSD clogs with addons you can make symbolic links and have folders moved outside the SSD to the HDD - although HD access is slower, there is still an element of parallel processing - its a good place to store a larger hangar of aircraft, or scenery, for example. The ORBX folder, which insists on residing within the main sim folder, is moved off that way. You can even, thanks to the file structure of P3D v3, create optimised installations with different setups using an `offsite` simobjects definition, or clever use of the `folder read priority` system. You will need to read up on that in the Learning Center. Finally, once you have installed your barebones P3D and run it once, take a full copy of it to the HDD.
  9. That wouldn't account for the Skymaster as it's a centreline twin with torque compensating rotation for the front/rear engines. Probably a control assignment conflict. Are the aircraft all V3-compatible versions ?
  10. For the record REX Essential Plus is not intended for P3D V3. There were known issues with REX textures and water and sun textures. They are fixed with product patches that make the products V3-compatible. REX Essential Plus isn't one of them AFAIK. I did warn you about shoehorning non-compliant product into the new sim. Fortunately REX does have a restore facility. I would ask in the REX forums if you can use the textures in areas other than water. And return your sim to default condition.
  11. With that rig, I wouldn't bother with Prepar3d. V3 adds more and more to the GPU load and yours is already on the bottom end of acceptable.
  12. Yes, you can point to your scenery location from within the scenery .cfg menu. It does not have to be on the same drive.
  13. Sean. You believe what you read on Facebook..? 6.5 is the max, as Rick notes. It's hard-locked too.
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