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  1. If you're alluding to Willie Walsh - I think you'll find he's an Irishman. Doh!
  2. Yep, Your life in HIS hands... Personally, I'll keep flying BA - and bring my own sandwiches.
  3. The shareholders might. The rest of us don't.
  4. Indded, BA's demise is at the hands of Walsh - he should have been binned a long time ago.
  5. It's on hold - with both of them claiming the right to knee the other's assets.
  6. Hello, When I file a flight plan within AS16's own interface - does that result in AS16 downloading the current METARS for all stations from DEP to ARR? In other words - if I were to disconnect from the web after a few minutes of starting the flight, go away, have a sandwich maybe a quick nap (we're talking Long Haul here) - when I came back would the A/C be flying through the previously downloaded METAR or just clear skies because AS16 has dropped the connection. Is that the purpose of AS16 having its own Flight Planner - or one of them. Ta
  7. Here are the exact numbers if you're interested.
  8. I used SimBrief for this flight and that doesn't have historical FP either so yes, you're right, SimBrief gave me numbers based on 8th Dec 2017. However, in the film the guys mention their cargo weight and their take off weight so I was able to interpolate that - sort of - into the PMDG 77F. (Simbrief allows you to create your own aircraft based on their templates and any abnormalities you may wish to factor in.) At the end of the day I filled up with 86 tons of fuel based on a cargo load out of 56 tons (which I misheard in the film - they loaded 66 tons) - which allowed a good margin of contingency and a little extra for luck. I landed with 10.74 tons remaining.
  9. Flight completed. In real time. Thanks to all who helped with FP. Most enjoyable. It seemed a little darker than it should have been ay EDDF at 2020z Ready for P & S But we got away in a timely manner and enjoyed Frankfurt in the gloom. Sure enough the sun rose about 2 1/2 hours later. Fairly epic actually. and stayed with us for the remainder of the trip. I got my head down for five hours setting my alarm to wake me in time to enjoy FL370 and plan the descent, etc. All set up for 16R and Manual Flight. Taxi down to Cargo Arrival at Gate 22 at 0711z which I think is not far off. Onto the crew bus and the hotel - and that Sushi Capt. Rick kept going on about ;-) It constantly amazes me just how true to life FSX/ P3D can be. Simulating a 10:30 hour flight like this through the same METARS they flew and arriving within a few minutes of the real D-ALFA back in June 2017. ESP might be old code but it's steam driven and just plods it out by the numbers. Great stuff, Jim
  10. Interesting. I've departed now and Enroute - (Inbound POBOX) We're at FL350, we plan to SC to FL370 in about 6 hours. So, maybe not far off - and that was SimBrief. All good. Eating disgusting inflight catering, Waiting for that "Sun Rise" in about another hour and a half. Sim looks good. Flight proceeding according to plan. "Plan your flight - and fly your plan."
  11. Splendid, thanks for confirming James - and so fast. (Sorry about terrible syntax mistakes in my post - was typing in haste) Off tonight - SimBrief reports 88 Tons of fuel required for the 56 Tons of cargo they carried - and a journey time of 10 hrs 40 mins - I expect that will drop as we'll have historic weather from June and thus more favourable winds. Looking forward to "that golden hour" Thanks for your help. Jim
  12. Cheers James. Your FP from the previous page is spot on apart from I think they flew MELON as the STAR - at least there is mention of it several times in the cockpit. I threw below at SimBrief but with MELON instead of SWAMPSB and got out over the Sea, then in - which they did I think - as they make mention too. TOBA9D TOBAK DCT UVANO Y150 TOLGI DCT HLZ DCT BODLA Z717 KUNER B810 RONUN DCT RONUS DCT TITOV M994 PIRUS R367 NASBI G722 ARKUK B152 RIMAG A333 IGROD Y301 SHELY Y30 SWAMP SWAMSB What do you think? Hurry up! I'm off tonight! ;-)
  13. I'm just gearing up for this flight. Do we think this date and time above is confirmed from all the diligent research that has been done by you good chaps? I want to fly ASN Historical Weather as others have remarked how beautiful the climb out phase was and interesting to witness transition back in to day at Dep + 2.5 Hrs.
  14. Hi Alex, The Mac OS download link of version of 1.8.3 on your main announcement page downloads only the French version of the program. Is it possible to have the English please? Great program - I find it invaluable as part of my day to day flight planning. EDIT: All done now thanks Alex - via the Preferences (I read the manual!) Great stuff.
  15. That sorted it in the end. Cold hard currency. We now all owe the FO a few hundred quid each but that's all good experience for him. Experience being cheap at any price, etc, etc. The consular official would have been useless as by the time we did get to `the vodka bar 'he' was inebriated under a table having got there a few hours before us.