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  1. ganter

    Lion-Air 737Max Possible cause.

    Indeed. It serves to potentially highlight the importance of being able to hand fly; what with STS going haywire with incorrect AoA indications, and in VFR daylight, the pilots role is to trim against the aircraft to produce correct pitch to maintain sufficient air speed. Which appears not to have happened in this case.
  2. ganter

    Lion-Air 737Max Possible cause.

    Interesting. Perhaps Lion Air DID take up the option of AONS with commsat. After all, it's a pretty quick reaction from Boeing supposedly without the FDR from the accident aeroplane. We should, however, refrain from attributing cause for the moment.
  3. ganter

    Dual boot?

    Reminds me of the time I tried running Windows on my Mac. Boot Camp was hard work and there were many bruises. Never again.
  4. Aahh, Err...(backing off rapidly, visibly trembling) I see....err...thank you the Poppet.
  5. Wow Vic, That was a big chop of posts there. Sorry we all said something - wrong. You must feel like [REMOVED] sometimes. Really hope that's working out for you.
  6. I think this: And I raise my glass to all my virtual Pilot friends...Clear Skies to all!
  7. Anyone else had it? Had it tonight. Took off in very pleasant METAR. Climbed 1000 AGL - suddenly Stick Shaker - wouldn't shut off - even though we levelled and saw IAS exceed 220. Flaps Up, Gear Up, Everything stowed and clean as a whistle. Back on the ground after an Emergency Landing - all well but shocked and pee'd off - expensive clients aboard! I call BUG! Anyone else? (We did the Rotary Warning/ Test as part of the Pre-Flight.)
  8. ganter

    Dual boot?

    Don't do it. Run your Sim PC standalone like it's a big deal. Don't pollute it with cr*p - even if it's on another partition - it'll find it. Get a cheapo laptop for the day to day work stuff - you know - for earning money, organising your life and surfing the net, etc. I have a 10 year old laptop that I use for day to day boring work stuff, etc. It has no idea it's sitting on a black box containing my beautiful PC Flight Simulator. They are inches apart but neither is aware of the others existence.
  9. Wow, this thread was worth it just to see Kyle in Hangar Chat! Those with complaints about expensive software purchases should address those concerns to the company that provided it via the recommended portals (support ticket, support email, etc, etc and usually that's not going to be on a public forum. They should also consider themselves well and truly "caught telling tales behind the bike sheds".
  10. ganter

    Locked threads

    It failed; (both the symbology and the comedy) But, Hey! go for your life with what works for you!
  11. ganter

    Locked threads

    I understand your overall point but don't understand the symbols you've posted but I think this thread has run it's course. Anything else is just labouring the point that was posted by the OP and that's a done deal so let's move on.
  12. ganter

    Locked threads

    I see that. Besides, it's a moot point now isn't it? The thread was based on 'soft ground' shall we say, from the start and I'm not surprised or alarmed that it was closed. It's a rather good example of Avsim at its best in fact. Someone talks rubbish somewhere on YT, someone threads it here. A few people start debating, a couple go hysterical, cleaners come in and tidy up by closing. Nothing to see here! Carry on Mods - you have my vote of confidence.
  13. ganter

    Locked threads

    Umm, can't remember the last time I replied to a thread without looking at the last page.... Perhaps the moderator under discussion could clarify what his intentions were.
  14. ganter

    Locked threads

    That thread had a tentative hold on life the minute it was born. Froogle will do anything for hits these days as he's become almost entirely devoid of imagination in his lust to earn his shilling a month from YT. I don't care for the moderator waiting three hours after the thread was locked to "have the last word". That is an abuse of privilege. The thread was locked - That should be it. No-one should be able to comment further. Not even the police.
  15. Good surfing to be had up there at the moment. I was ferrying an A2A PA-28 Cherokee from Florida back to the UK a couple of days ago and was hitting 200 kts Ground Speed at times between Goose Bay and Bluie West One. I waited three weeks at Goose Bay for that weather system. Glad I did.