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  1. ganter

    Memory leak?

    FSX 10 minutes or so sitting at Heathrow UK2000 Scenery. Don't get it with any other of my add ons.
  2. I'm seeing a memory leak on the C421. If I sit too long at a busy airfield (Orbx EGLL, etc) the VC windows will go black and stay that way. Wondered if anyone else has seen the same.
  3. I started with sunrise and sunset. Wait, I still do! ;-)
  4. Try speaking your mind on the FSL forum - you'll be shot down in flames before you've finished the sentence. I don't go there very often anymore. Don't fly the A320 very much either - the fun's gone out of it because of what I think of the developers. Another reason the forums have gone quiet is it's summer - at least on the top half of the globe - and people are out and about doing stuff.
  5. I look with interest at X-Plane. I don't have P3D yet myself - though I have installed it on the two sims I've built for flying schools. I'm looking at it with interest for the next professional sim I install as that will be all about visuals and less about procedure. Keep the X-Plane posts coming guys - it's a platform of great interest to us foot danglers. Simple reason it's going quiet? - you need to post more. Us sideliners are reading - even if we're not posting.
  6. ganter

    First impressions

    Bert, Thanks for all your inputs over the years. One thing; I use Track IR and I have to set the pilot's head position in the aircraft.cfg. Could you give me some coordinates to set it at a realistic height - I too, consider the default position is too low. Cheers!
  7. ganter

    Twin Star DA-42 Engine "Upgrade"

    Check your PM's Duane. Happy flying!
  8. Yes. Amazing at the same time as being pretty cr*p. I've been flying and simming long enough to know a boomer baba when I see one. We all know what we want; people flow- getting off/ on the aircraft in a natural looking way. FSX/ P3D - the code just simply doesn't support that as a possibility - not looking lost, zombie-like, idiots. But there it is. Nice try. Will I buy it? Er, Nope. If these Devs want our hard-earned cash - they're going to have to do better. Much better.
  9. At 2:18 - looks like the skipper's had a rough flight!
  10. Is there an echo in here?
  11. South Terminal pier 2 and 1 have been quite radiacally modified. Also, BA are now at South Terminal and the rotary pier 3 and Easyjet are on the North Terminal. There's a few more portacabins dotted around but Gary has sort of covered most of that in his V4 Gatwick Extreme.
  12. Er, everything with everything, now, round the back of Southampton airport maintenance area. Ask for Dave the hat.
  13. This is the post that sums it up perfectly. Uk2000 sceneries are a balance - and a right good one.
  14. And your experience is highly respected as a RW pilot. We shall see indeed - if everything you suggest is in there - and let's sincerely hope so - it will be incredible. The immersion will be truly fantastic. Can't wait.
  15. All very interesting - but none of it either confirmed or denied by PMDG to be implemented in GFO' ACARS and CPDLC systems integration. A case of hold your horses is in order I think to await exact depth modelling/ maintenance, etc. i.e; pretty sure neither my PMDG 737 NGX or 777LR/F has ever drawn my attention to a low tyre pressure - either on EICAS or visually on the walk around despite always leaving both in a persistent state by virtue of flight Save in FSX. Truth is - we simply don't know the depth of the modelling of the systems to paint such a complicated immersive environment such as you do above. Don't get me wrong - I love the GFO concept and can't wait to implement it in my sim - but there's no mileage in allowing one to fly away on whims and expectations based on what appears to be speculation. Unless of course, you're beta testing for PMDG - in which case you need to state as much in your sig. That having been said - this is Kyle's work - it's going to be pretty damn amazing. One can not easily forget in one of his 777 Tips and tricks YT's - when he repeatedly slews the T7 back along the runway in order to demonstrate tyres blowing out following repeated RTO's. The man's attention to detail will be the making of this PMDG enhancement and I can't wait to acquire it.