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  1. New to PMDG777 and unsure on function [Solved]

    Just hold SHIFT and keep that finger pressed down on + or -, brother Chris, you'll be okay.
  2. New to PMDG777 and unsure on function [Solved]

    CTRL + /- is Chase Distance, so yep.
  3. New to PMDG777 and unsure on function [Solved]

    See above edited post Boomer. SHIFT plus +/- is defo the default assignment for both P3D and FSX. Are you running Tacpack by any chance? Otherwise I reckon you've re-assigned the keystrokes at some point in the dim and distant.
  4. New to PMDG777 and unsure on function [Solved]

    My Track IR overrides moving eye-point left, right, up, down, etc. I will check if it also overrides this micro zooming. Later... SHIFT plus + / - works perfectly for me with Track IR running. It works a little differently to basic zooming with the +/ - .Keep your finger pressed down for a second or two and view will start to move very smoothly in or out allowing you to perfectly frame the VC to your exact requirements.
  5. Could you not remove your browser programs using Control Panel - Add/ Remove Programs?
  6. New to PMDG777 and unsure on function [Solved]

    Are you sure it isn't SHIFT and not CTRL?
  7. New to PMDG777 and unsure on function [Solved]

    We're fast. Why would you serve olives with raw salmon anyway? Boomer did the CTRL for zooming work? I mean wouldn't cucumber be better? You could always try Camera Definitions in the .cfg. Olives... I mean...
  8. New to PMDG777 and unsure on function [Solved]

    I see. Thanks. You can keep the olives though.
  9. Brake Overheat/Autobrake Problems

    Do you observe this behaviour in any other aircraft? How much throttle is required for taxiing in dry conditions? It does sound like a Null Zone problem. When you set it up - are the Null Zone settings being retained? It's unlikely PMDG will release an update to "fix this issue" when it's not an issue for the rest of us! somewhere, within your settings, you've got something wrong. I'll leave it to someone else to do the "real names in this forum" thing...
  10. Flying over London

    Understood that PMDG do not support DX10 or the Fixer. I can report I have both and they absolutely do work magnificently well with both my PMDG birds - 777 and 737 NGX - with no issues whatsoever. Besides, DX10 with Steve's FIXER is the making of FSX for all flying activities. I do not know Steve or work for him in any capacity. Just a happy customer.
  11. EGLL is my home airport. I fly the FSL A320X and the PMDG 777 and 737 NGX in and out of there on my regular VA sectors. I haven't committed to the 747 yet. It's not really EGLL killing the frames it's London - always has been in FSX - it's one of the worst places in the World for frames. I have about 30-40 frames at the gate and a little less on TO (especially off 09 L/R). I have dialled back UK2000 settings to HIGH - not EXTREME. (EXTREME settings give you blue taxi lights (EGLL does not have them RW - Gary put them in after requests) and steam rising from terminals and a few extra buildings - nothing too important.) Don't bother with airside animations if you have GSX. If I'm in the tubes and going to Europe or long haul I'll switch off ORBX FTX England - usually don't see it anyway with our bl**dy english weather courtesy of AS16! - besides I reckon FTX Global looks better at night! I only have England switched on if I'm hopping about between grass strips and other GA activities in frame-friendly single prop stuff. My sliders are all up around 75%. If I really want a smooth in-sim experience I'll fly UK2000 EGKK instead - far better on the frames - and luckily my VA flies from there too. There is a sweet spot you can get at LHW - you just have to experiment, try, experiment, then try again.
  12. Twin Star DA-42 Engine "Upgrade"

    I'm working on it! Determined to fix the rudder issue - but it's taking a lot of time to tweak. Fixing Alabeo FD .cfg's involves throwing away the original and starting from scratch. My original engine mod .cfg improves matters - in so much that you don't have to deflect as much as you did with their original model - which results in inevitable over-controlling - but, there's always room for improvement. I'll hopefully post a modified .cfg soon. But hey, I'm Ganter - so don't hold your breath!
  13. New to PMDG777 and unsure on function [Solved]

    Welcome to your life Kyle - time and time again I see people postings bug reports/ "faults", etc - and from the posts it's painfully obvious they haven't RTFM. I don't tend to reply or try to help those folk. For the record - I have RTFM, well, really quite a hell of a lot of it. I skipped the revisions - and that's a fair chunk.
  14. Life's essentials well catered for there; Wings, great riffs, wilderness. Great film, thanks for taking us along. I'm planning on heading out of Golden in the nest day or two to check out Yoho National Park.