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  1. Problem solved :rolleyes: I forgot to unplug a gamepad from the back of the desktop case. This gamepad was conflicting with the keyboard/Joystick. throttle control. I am very dumb :rolleyes:
  2. I did a test, installing FS2002 and the same thing happen.I am starting to think this is an OS related problem (drivers, malware, virus, etc) very weird :unsure:
  3. Reinstalling doesn't solve my problem, is like the throttle control have a mind of its own. I don't know what happens, is very annoying. 1. I did a fresh install of FS9 (Windows 7 ultimate) 2. Install the update 3. Select and start a flight, and when i am on the runway on IDLE, suddenly start to increase RPM by itself. Or if I takeoff at MAX RPM, a few seconds later again the RPM is lower by itself. Always set by itself at 1900-2000 RPM at randomnly times. Is impossible to fly with this behavior. Any suggestions???
  4. Hello avsim community, A few days ago, my fs9 started to behave anormally. Anyway I start a new fly (any plane, any location), a few seconds after that my throttle control get out of control. This happens with the keyboard even (joystick unplugged). The plane start to gain speed by itself, without touch the control and set at 1900 RPM automatically. If after that, I set the throttle control to IDLE, or at MAX RPM speed, a few seconds after automatically change de RPM to 1900 again. I don't want to reinstall, but if it is the only way..., i would appreciate any advice. Thanks.