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  1. Thanks again! I didn't realize that you could examine/edit the effects in that manner. Definitely good to know!! Oops! I meant rename the effects texture as "fx_Aa-Con.bmp".
  2. charliearon, thank you your suggestions! They proved extremely helpful! As per your advice, I opened and viewed the SR-71's effects (.fx) files via Notepad. As it turns out, the problem was that the effect "fx_Glowingheat_SR71_vapor3.fx" effect that controls the nose vapor was attributed to the effects texture "fx_Aa-Con.bmp", which doesn't exist in the FSX "Effects" "texture" folder. The other two vapor effects are attributed to the "fx_1.bmp" (which is one of FSX's default effects textures for smoke/vapor trails, right?), and they appear to work fine; so here's what I did to fix the problem: - I copied the "fx_1.bmp" effects texture to create a second copy of it - Next, I renamed the "fx_1.bmp - Copy" effects texture as "fx_Aa_Con.bmp" Problem solved!!
  3. Hello All, I just had a quick question for all of you. I recently purchased, downloaded and installed the Glowingheat SR-71 V2.4 for FSX (I'm running it on a Windows 10 operating system) and I've really been enjoying flying it. I've noticed, however, that when I perform steep climbs or turns with the aircraft, the vapor effects on the nose appear to be displaying black squares (implying that the effects files might be corrupted or missing): From what I know and have seen with previous iterations of the model, the nose vapor should be white, just like the vapor that comes off the inlet spikes. From what I can gather from the .cfg file, the nose vapor effect is indeed separate (it's labeled as "fx_glowingheat_SR71_vapor3.fx"). I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the product, as well as trying to replace the effect from the previous GlowingHeat/Alphasim Blackbird iterations, but I haven't had any luck thus far. I contacted GlowingHeat via their website on their support forum, but haven't heard anything back yet... Have any of you run into this issue? Is there a fix for this? Is there anything I can do on my end to resolve the problem (perhaps in the .cfg file)? Thanks very much for all of your help!!