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  1. Hi Keven, Oh I did not see that on the product page... If so, please allow editing (though shortcuts) and saving preset camera while in fullscreen mode.
  2. Hi, I have Alpha 1.560 experimental. In FSX, windowed mode, when I press my ChasePlane Toogle UI keyboard shortcut, the UI is displayed on top of the simulator. In FSX, fullscreen mode, when I press my ChasePlane Toogle UI keyboard shortcut, the UI is not displayed on top of the simulator. I have to Alt-Tab to return to the windows desktop. And that is where the Chase Plane UI is displayed. Is it just me ?
  3. SF-260

    Camera preset shortcut

    Hello Keven, 1) and 2) worked like a charm. Many thanks for your valuable and ultra-fast support!
  4. Hi, I belong to the "people who can't stand the software they are currently using" :wink: so I bought ChasePlane! I created 2 onboard camera presets for my PMDG777. 1) I saw that it is possible to assign a keyboard shortcut for Previous Preset, Next Preset... but is it possible to assign a shortcut to each preset? 2) Also is it possible to smooth the transition between 2 presets? I have Alpha 1.560 experimental
  5. SF-260

    Shape of the holding pattern

    Hi guys, Sorry for not having seen the existing topic through the search engine. And thank you for your answers and time. So I understand it is a bug that will be corrected in the next update.
  6. SF-260

    Shape of the holding pattern

    Hi, I am learning to use the HOLD feature. Please see the screenshots below: in some cases I get an oval pattern (hold on PAL29) and in other cases (hold on SPUMA) I get a circular pattern. It looks like if the leg time > 1 min, then the shape is oval. But maybe it is more complex. My question is: what are the rules/parameters to get an oval shape for the holding pattern?
  7. SF-260


    Thank you guys. So my memory failed !
  8. SF-260


    Hi, If I remember well the offset function on the ROUTE page was not implemented in the early versions of the 777. As I recall it was even mentioned in the Introduction or Tutorial 1 that the offset function was not functional unlike for the PMDG 737. Unfortunately, I cannot achieve to find the paragraph anymore. Is that correct?
  9. SF-260

    I like the PMDG livery

    Hi PMDG Team, After an interruption and a fresh install of Windows and FSX, I am back to the T7. So far I flew the Air France livery and disregarded the PMDG livery. After a trial and a closer look, the PMDG livery is now superb to my eyes and has become my default livery! So thanks and congrats to the painter(s)! PS: In the future, if another version of the T7 is released (eg. 200ER), I would love to see a little french flag besides the other flags.
  10. SF-260

    Liveries installed but not displayed in FSX

    Ah yes... it works!!! It is a long time I have not used that button... so I forgot it... Why the devs have not put that link in the upper part of the screen together with the other buttons?!? Many thanks Michael!
  11. Hi, With the latest installer VERSION v1.10.7025 I did a fresh install of the 777-200 and installed 2 liveries (Air France and Boeing Worldliner) through the Operations Center. All looks fine in the Operations Center but the 2 liveries do not display in FSX. Any help would be appreciated. Please find below the beginning of the aircraft.cfg by clicking on the Spoiler button.
  12. SF-260

    PMDG 777-300ER aircraft template for PFPX

    It would be "unappropriate" to share a file here or elsewhere without the authorization of the author. If you are really interested in the file, registering the Aerosoft forum is not a big deal.
  13. Agree. It is a shame. The advantage of TOPCAT is that it is integrated with PFPX. No need to retype the temperature, runway, etc to make the calculation. In addition all the take-off data are automatically reported into the OFP.