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  1. I was kind of hoping for more than that, even if that is the case. I downloaded the version for Prepar3d V3 and it doesn't lead to any flags by Windows.
  2. Getting an odd warning from Windows when I try to extract 2.63, specifically the .exe. It is actually preventing the extraction with the warning that Trojan Win32/Spursint.F!cl be removed immediately. I downloaded from the SimTweaks website (originally purchased from SimMarket) and don't recall this with previous versions.
  3. EDIT: Considered this case closed on account of me being a dunce. Apparently you have to start P3D V4 at least once prior. Being that this was a clean install, I was just trying to get all the "necessary" addons installed first and never actually started the sim after install to, I supposed, create the shader files? Regardless, all good now.
  4. I should also add, after reading another post here, I did just update my Windows 10 (Fall Creators update I believe?). I never tried installing it before the update however, so I'm not sure if they had any impact whatsoever.
  5. That would make sense. Do you know the best way for finding those and deleting them? I have no experience with registry editing.
  6. Why not? I created a PTA folder in Program Files and unzipped it to that PTA folder because it is a "program" and I like to try and keep the drive organized. And I especially hate having much of anything on my Desktop. I have read the developer's install notes. I don't see anything that would necessitate me installing it outside of a Program Files folder on my SSD. But nonetheless, I just tried unzipping it to my desktop to no avail. Same issue. Is there really no way to manually tell PTA where the sim is located? Or is that not my issue? Is my issue literally what it is telling me, that my sim, P3D V4.1 Professional is unsupported? Which I find hard to believe because my thought was version 2.6 of PTA was intended for P3D V4.1.
  7. Just installed Prepar3D V4.1.7.22841. No other version of P3D V4 has ever been installed on my system (I used to have P3D V3). I installed it to E:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4. I then unzipped my PTA 2.60 download to a folder I created.... E:\Program Files\PTA. Upon starting PTA, I run into an issue as you can see in the screenshot below. I figured, oh, I just need to manually tell it where to find my P3D V4.1 install, but for the life of me, I couldn't figure that out. I even tried completely uninstalling my P3D V4.1 and reinstalling in a different location on the drive...no joy. Maybe I'm an word not allowed or maybe its the fact that it is 1 am, but am I missing something? Image isn't embedding so here is a link: https://imgur.com/a/BWyq9
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