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  1. part_time_punk

    New Version of P3D Coming?

    Off topic, but I'd like to see Lockheed Martin move towards a "P3D Certified Add-on" scheme and provide test kits to third-party developers so that they can test their product's compatibility, similar to WHQL. Certified add-ons could then be purchased from an app store and installed into the core product through a plug-in framework. I'm no financial expert, but there would need to be a mechanism for paying the 3rd party developers an appropriate fee depending on the popularity and success of their plug-in. I believe the current model of multiple add-on installers, processes and configuration files and the associated compatibility and configuration headaches isn't sustainable and is only going to get worse and drive people away.
  2. Yeah, I know what you mean. The immersion level just went up several notches. I flew through cyclone Pam at the weekend
  3. part_time_punk

    [27FEB15] Latest News/Release Planning Notes, etc

    Absolutely. I've been flying the stock FSX-SE planes for the last few weeks and they 'aint pretty (flight model OR panels!!!). I'm sure SP1d will be great when it comes. Thanks for keeping us informed. DP
  4. part_time_punk

    [27FEB15] Latest News/Release Planning Notes, etc

    Thanks for the update! Take a weekend off and spend time with the family or get some beers with friends.
  5. I wish more software companies were like you!